Add/Drop Courses

How to Add/Drop Courses

Dropping or adding a course can be completed without penalty within the first ten days of the start of the semester. Students may drop classes online using Cor and Banner Web. After classes begin, however, students must obtain the signatures of:

1. The instructor of the course the student is dropping
2. The instructor of the course the student is adding
3. An academic advisor

EXCEPTION: Students may add/drop classes that begin the last 8 weeks of the semester using Banner Web up until the class begins.

Dropping a Course After the Drop Deadline

If students would like to drop a course after the add/drop course deadline, they must file an appeal and follow the directions listed:

1. Pick up an appeal form from the Registrar's Office or Academic Advisement Offices.
2. Complete the rationale portion for dropping a course after the deadline. Be as specific as possible.
3. Visit the instructor of the course you wish to drop and ask for a signature.
4. Visit your faculty advisor or an academic advisor.
5. Turn the completed paperwork in to the Registrar.

The appeal will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee, and the student, instructor, and advisor will be notified of the decision. All decisions are final.

NOTE: All courses that are dropped after the add/drop period may result as a 'W' or withdrawal on the student's permanent transcript.