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Preparing for Advisement

How to Prepare for an Advisement Session

  • Log-in and review your Electronic Degree Audit Report known as CAPP.

  • Set up an appointment with your advisor. E-mail your academic advisor to ask what method is best to set up an appointment with him or her.

  • Don't know who your academic advisor is? Go to BannerWeb, click the "Student Services & Financial Aid" tab, and scroll down to "Advisor." If you think you are assigned to the wrong academic advisor, e-mail a professional advisor at

  • Inventory what General Education requirements you need to complete.  All of the requirements are listed under the "Advisement Manual" online.  Go to the CSS homepage, scroll down, and under the "academics" tab and under the subtitle "resources" select "advisement manual", and scroll down to "General Education". Here's the quick link.

  • Review your program's course schema. (If you are still deciding your major, look at the ones you might be interested in pursuing.) Don't know where to look? Go to the "Advisement Manual" (see above for directions). Here's the quick link.

  • Prepare at least one proposed schedule. Check out classes that will work with your schema. Check out "course schedule" on the web. Don't know where to look? Go to the CSS homepage, select "current students" (the backpack), and look on the right column for "course schedule".   Here's the quick link.

  • Ask yourself the following questions: What are my academic and personal goals? Am I on the right path to reach them? Where can I see myself in five years? What excites me? What am I passionate about? What am I really good at? (What classes? Other areas?)

  • Make a list of possible questions you may have. Possible questions include: Is my major right for me? Are there resources I should take advantage of that I'm not? Why do I have to do "x" requirement? What should I be doing outside of the classroom to prepare for "x" field?

  • Registration information is now accessible in the OneStop tab in Cor. By clicking "Registration Status" within the "Registration Tools" box, you will be able to view your registration day/time, registration holds, academic standing, student status, class, and curriculum. On your designated registration day, click "Add or Drop Classes" to register. You will be sent to Banner Web, where you will need to select the term and enter course CRN numbers as in the past. We advise you check out the process before your day just in case you run into problems! Questions? Contact OneStop or your advisor.

  • Come with a positive attitude, patience, and a smile!