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Within this website you will find access to viewing your student representatives, our Senate Constitution, Financial Handbook, Dress Code, Senate Schedule, and our Meeting Minutes.

Our mission, as a Student Senate, is to represent you as well as to facilitate and advocate for the effective training of student leaders. As student representatives we serve to get your voices heard and we act as liaison's to the College's faculty, staff, and administration.

Please contact us at ssenate@css.edu if you are interested in learning more about the Senate or if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.

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Student Senate Executives

Meet the Senators!

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Jason Chavez, Student Body President
Monica Boyer, Executive Vice-President
Jocelyn Wiegand, Administrative Vice-President
Andrew Bailey, Financial Vice-President
Bryan Chavez, Student Trustee

Senior Senators

Gabe Graves, Internal Affairs Chair
Elizabeth Braun, 56 Nights Chair
Maggie Beasley, External Affairs Chair

Junior Senators

Josue Chino-Cruz, External Affairs
William Richardson, Diversity Chair
Blessing Sambi, 56 Nights
Allen Cruz, Internal Affairs
Margaret Gurumani, 56 Nights
Nafisa Ibrahim, General Education 
Mera Petros, Internal Affairs
Eric Conniff, 56 Nights

Sophomore Senators

Diana Deuel, Student Activities
Sydney Slagter, External Affairs
Erin McKenzie,  Student Activities Chair
Monse Loeza,  Internal Affairs
Rachael Carl,  Title IX - Special Chair
Diego Gavilan, Diversity 
Lidia Angeles Ayala, Student Activities
Richard Scrivener,  56 Nights
Conrado Solans,  External Affairs

Freshmen Students

Victor Guaman, Internal Affairs
Ella Kim, Diversity
Tyler Russell, General Education & Webmaster
Chanty Armijo-Cruz, Diversity
Lori Huseby, Internal Affairs
Tavonte Whitaker, Diversity
Reid Peterson, External Affairs
Nick Anderson, External Affairs
Itzy Rocha, Diversity
Juan Ochoa, Student Activities 

Grad Student(s)

Zhara Davies, Graduate Senator

Transfer Student(s)

*To be filled


Maria Nowak, Apartments
Matt Rider, Somers Hall
Elliott Simon, Athletics
Alissah Jerome, Health Science Center
Bria Schurke, Health Science Center

Staff Advisors for Senate

Jordon Moses, Student Activities Coordinator
Shae Nehiba, Asst. Director of Residential Life
Steve Lyons, Vice President of Student Affairs

Contact Us

For questions, comments or concerns, contact the Senate Office at (218) 723-6115 or email ssenate@css.edu.

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