Tips for Success in Your First Year

A few thoughts about roommates

Talk with your roommate before you arrive

Use the contact information you've been given by residential life and talk with your roommate. Ask them what they're bringing; make a compromise. Don't bring double the amount of items (i.e. two fridges or two futons) - split the essentials between the two of you and all will be well! This is also a great time to discuss what will be community property and what will be personal property. If you have something that you just don't want anyone else to use, tell them now instead of waiting until a problem arises.

Talk things out

If something were to arise (and something will at some point) don't just blow it off. Talk about it and make sure you're both on the same page. Set expectations of each other and follow those rules. If they are not set beforehand, you may feel like you're nipping at each other's heels; talk it through so no feelings are hurt.

Give each other some space

Everyone needs some time alone and time out of the room. Become involved and make a life here at CSS. Coordinate some personal room time now, set aside certain evenings, mornings, afternoons and weekend times were you each get some alone time. A brief hour or two will do wonders.

Clean up

Discuss with each other your cleaning habits and whether you like the room super clean or if you can handle a little bit of a mess. It won't help if you keep your side super clean and your roomie tends not to ... you do have to look at each other's side of the room. Make some compromises and the cleaning ship will be smooth sailing.

Differences in taste

You and your roomie may have a wide span of tastes in music, movies, and shows. If this were to happen, invest in some really nice headphones. That way you can each enjoy your stuff while in the same space. But also remember to be open to new things, you will be together for nine months and you never know it might just rub off on you.

Success strategies for students

Research shows that the more connected students become to their institution, the more likely they are to persist toward graduation and reach their educational goals. Although it is sometimes a challenge for students, especially commuter students to build this connection, they can certainly compensate by making a special effort in the following areas.

Develop goals of what you want to accomplish each semester, and also, develop a time table to get all of these thing accomplished.

Being college students, there are many things that you may need to get in such as work, sports and volunteering, besides classes and the studying that goes with them. With all these tasks to be preformed, you definitely need a schedule so that you can get everything done and still have time for things you enjoy to do. Daily planners and calendars are both great tools to use.

Use all of the plentiful tools that CSS has available to ease your troubles with class work. 

The campus has a tutor center, writing center and wonderful TAs. All of these things, along with the wonderful professors, try to make the class work more understandable. The professors have designated office hours which they spend in their offices to answer any questions. The teachers love to help with any questions that you can think of. Putting to use all of these tools: tutor center, writing center, TAs, and the teachers, you can get help that may be needed to help manage your time and get to other things besides class work.

Get involved in all of the great clubs and activities going on on-campus. 

Getting involved helps you create a greater network for the future, and it also helps you meet some more great CSS people who are interested in the same things as you are. The more things you do, the more friends you'll have.

Take advantage of everything this wonderful place has to offer. 

CSS has many things to offer students. From intramurals to clubs to classes, CSS has great people to help make your stay at this college as fun and enjoyable as possible.