New Students | FAQs

What is the cost of housing?
Housing costs vary for each building and change each year.  Please look online for current rates.

What are the meal plan options?
View the meal plan information.

When are the buildings open?
Every year, the buildings open the Friday before Labor Day. They remain open until Semester Break, when they close and lock at 5:00 p.m. on the last day of finals.  Buildings reopen at 10:00 a.m. the day before classes resume. At the end of Spring Semester, you are required to have moved out of your housing by 24 hours after your last final.

What computer labs are available for resident use?
View the locations and hours of all other Tower Hall and Science Center computer labs.

What do I need to connect my personal computer to the campus network and the internet?
Each resident is provided their own connection line.  Learn about the ResNet connection and requirements.

How can I get computer assistance?
The computer help desk can be reached at extension 5911. View the help desk hours and information.

What are the room dimensions?
View the room dimensions by building.

What are the window dimensions?


  • Desk: Height: 32 inches., depth: 24in., width: 48
  • Closets (individual closet): Width: 36 inches
  • Window: Height: 53in., depth: 8in., width: 65in.


  • Entranceway Closet: Height:93in total, but 59 underneath the shelf, depth: 23in., width: 80in.
  • Room closet (varies): Height:33in above shelf, 65in under shelf., depth:25in., width: 75in.
  • Individual desk: depth: 21 in., width: 42in.
  • Desk: Height: 32 inches., depth: 24in., width: 48

Are extra long beds available? How do I order one?
All beds in the Dorms are Twin XL. The beds in the Suites are twin regular, a  limited number of extra, twin XL  beds are available on a first-come first-serve basis for taller residents. Please e-mail Residential Life at after housing placement goes out to get on the request list.

How much is laundry and where are facilities located?
There is no charge for the use of the laundry facilities at The College of St. Scholastica. Locations of laundry facilities for each building can be found on their respective web pages:
Somers Hall, Somers Suites, Pine/Maple/Willow/Birch, Cedar, Scanlon and Kerst.

What items should I bring to campus?
View a list of suggested items for the Dorms & Suites.

What kitchen appliances are provided? What kitchen appliances are prohibited in the residence hall?
Each floor of the residence hall and suites has a kitchenette equipped with an oven, sink, microwave, toaster, and freezer.  Many students do cook in these facilities as they are spacious and good for preparing meals.  The Campus Operator desk does have some kitchen appliances and tools for checkout.  All open filament or open coil appliances are prohibited. (This does not include closed coil appliances such as "Hot Pots" or "George Foreman" grills.)

Can I rent a refrigerator or bring my own?
You can rent a microfridge/freezer/microwave unit from our partner College Products.  Order online!

Can I bring a microwave to campus?
One microwave is allowed in each room. Microwaves are not provided in any of the campus residences.  You can rent a microwave/fridge/freezer unit  from our partner College Products. Order online!

Are there landline phones in the room?
There are no land line phones in the room. Most students have and use their personal cell phone. If you do not have a personal cell phone and need to make a call, please contact the Dean of Students for assistance. 

How do I receive mail?
Each student is issued a mailbox in the mailroom, which is located in the Student Union of Tower Hall. Students will receive their mailbox numbers and combinations upon arrival on campus, and retain the same mailbox throughout their years at St. Scholastica. Mailboxes can be accessed 24 hours a day, and the mailroom window is open M-F 8:15 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Students can pick up their mail and packages, buy stamps, mail letters/packages, and send certified, insured, express, and priority mail.

Is basic cable television provided in every residence?
Yes. Charter Communications provides cable access in each room. For assistance with repair issues, they can be reached at 1-888.513.9198, or Charter recently switched our account over to digital.  You must have a TV that is 2007 or newer with a QAM chip in it.  Please check out this important information about cable to make sure you are bringing an eligible TV unit.  Please refer to your TV owner's manual for all directions.

If the TV your brought with you to campus is not digital compatible, there are some things you can try in order connect it with the campus digital service. The bottom line is your TV must have a QAM Tuner to work with the college's cable service.

Digital TV Connection in Your Residence Hall Room

Make sure your TV is plugged in to a working electric outlet. Locate the TV outlet in your room and connect one end of the coaxial cable to it and the other end to the "CATV" or "VHF IN" on your television. Do not connect to the "UHF IN" on your television.

Your digital television must have a QAM tuner (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) to work with the school's cable service. The QAM tuner allows your TV to receive high definition cable programming without a cable set top box. Unfortunately, some less expensive TVs come with a low quality QAM tuner that may not be able to pick up all the digital channels. You should verify the specifications when you purchase your TV.

A NTSC (National Television System Committee) tuner is not compatible. .

An ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) tuner can receive digital signals but is not compatible with the school's cable system.

Here is an informal compatibility reference for newer devices. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this information. You should verify the specifications when you purchase your TV.

Coby - Model TFTV3229 32" has a compatible QAM tuner
Dynex - Only limited models have a QAM tuner
DX-32L151A11 is NOT compatible
Element - NOT compatible
Insignia - Only limited models have a QAM tuner
LG - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
Olevia - Model 226-T11 has a compatible QAM tuner
Samsung - All models since 2009 have a QAM tuner (fifth digit of model number must be B or higher)
Sansui - Model HDLCD3212C has a compatible QAM tuner
Sony - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
Sylvania - Do not appear to have QAM tuners
Toshiba - Most models since 2007 have a QAM tuner
Vizio - Model VOJ320F1A has a compatible QAM tuner
Westinghouse - Some models do have a QAM tuner. Try activation code 14159
DWM32H1G1 is NOT compatible
DWM42F2G1 is NOT compatible

Charter Cable Channels:

What is the situation with bathrooms?

In Somers hall, there are community, single gender bathrooms for all who live on the dorms side.  In Somers suites, the bathrooms are internal to your four-person suite (and you are responsible for keeping it clean and stocked!). In the apartments, the bathrooms are all internal to your four-person apartment as well.  Sharing of a bathroom is required for all students living on campus as we do not have any instances where someone lives entirely alone with their own bathroom unless there is an accommodation need.

Can I live in an apartment as a first-year student?

All first-year students are required to live in Somers hall, either in the dorms or suites.  We believe very strongly in the experience of communal living and the community that develops as one transitions into their collegiate experience.  There very few exceptions to this (students with children, accommodations, non-traditional aged first year students, etc).

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