2017-18 Academic Year Rates:

To fully understand the cost of CSS for undergraduate, Duluth-campus students, please see the full list of all student costs (tuition, fees, room, board)

The rates below do not reflect board/meal plan costs.

Somers Hall

   Semester        Year       
Single (non-first years only)*

Double Room

$2627 $5254
Suite (first year, 4 people)

$2919 $5840
Suite Double (non-first year, 2 people)*



Bricks (Pine/Maple/Willow/Birch) 2 bedroom

$2953 $5906
Cedar/Scanlon/Kerst 2 bedroom

$3046 $6092
Scanlon/Kerst 4 bedroom

$3355 $6710

*These housing options are NOT available to traditional first-year students.  Non-first year students choosing to live in Somers are strongly encouraged to buy a meal plan, but are not required. First-year students are not allowed to select a single room option.

Somers Hall 2017-18 Rates for full academic year, per person   (This does not include the meal plan.)

Double Room  $5254 
Suite  $5840  

Apartments 2017-18 Rates for full academic year, per person   (This does not include a meal plan.)

Pine, Birch, Maple and Willow 2-bedroom, 4-occupants   $5906
Cedar, Scanlon, Kerst 2-bedroom, 4-occupants   $6092
Scanlon, Kerst 4-bedroom, 4-occupants   $6710

Other housing/meal related questions or things you need to do? 

  • Fill out a Commuter Request Form, go to the OneStop tab in Cor. 
  • Fill out a Housing Cancellation Request Form by going to the OneStop tab in Cor.
  • Fill out the next academic year housing application/contract by going to the OneStop tab in Cor.
  • Fill out a meal plan change request (only available during the first week of each semester), go to the OneStop tab in Cor.
  • Having a guest overnight?  Register them online. Remember that all overnight parking, is in the residential lots towards the back of campus. This applies to guests, too. 
  • Early arrivals for Fall: Complete the form on the main ResLife webpage. There is a fee/day for moving in early. Please note that all early arrival requests must be approved by the Residential Life department. Students who are required to arrive early for college-sponsored activities are not subject to this charge. If you are unsure whether or not you are required to return to school early for a college-sponsored event, please contact your coach or program adviser.

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