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Welcome to Residential Life!

You should expect to have a rewarding, enjoyable educational experience living on campus. You will be meeting, living, and learning with a wide diversity of people, people from many cultures, faith backgrounds and personal experiences. Our efforts and programs are designed to provide students opportunities to further explore important questions that shape their general education experience:

  1. Who are we as a College community?two women giving smiles of welcome
  2. Who am I?  Who am I becoming?
  3. How am I in community with my neighbors?

Our Mission

In keeping with the mission of the College and the Benedictine tradition, the Residential Life Team of the College of St. Scholastica is committed to providing a growth-oriented living situation for students choosing campus housing. Additionally, the Residential Life Team seeks to facilitate students' transitions to interdependent living away from home through the encouragement of owned, responsible decision-making while also functioning as a support network and as a resource base.              

Important Dates:

  • February 1st, 2017 - Upper Class Housing Contracts go live on Cor/OneStop. All Sophomores are required to live on campus per the 2-year Residency Requirement.
  • March 10, 2017-- Housing Contracts for 2017-18 school year are due on March 10th.
  • March 10th, 2017 - Summer 2017 Housing Contracts for Summer 2017 go live - Due May 1st, 2017.

Upperclass Housing Contract Info:

1. If you will be a sophomore for the 17-18 academic year, you are required to live on campus per the 2-year residency requirement. If you believe you qualify for a housing exemption, contact Elliott Johnston, Director of Residential Life at

2. We have roughly 1,000 beds on campus, 400 in Somers, 600 in the apartments: 400 of which are for sophomores, and then an additional 200 bed spaces for juniors and seniors.

3. We only have 40 (160 beds) 4 bedroom apartments. We reserve some of these for juniors and seniors.

4. Anyone can live in any apartment building. We do not have certain buildings reserved for certain grades.

5. If you are going to be a sophomore and don't know what the apartments look like, on Monday, Feb. 27th from 6pm - 8pm there will be an open house so you can see what the different rooms look like. During this event you can also meet potential roommates if you are not sure who to live with.

6. If you get locked out of your housing contract or are having difficulty completing it, please contact Louanne Johnson, Res Life's Operations Specialist at and she can assist you.

7. If you need to make a change to your contract after you have submitted it, please contact for assistance.

8. When requesting roommates, all four of you must request each other exactly the same, if one person doesn't do it correctly, it messes it up for everyone and none of you will be placed together. We are trying to catch these errors ahead of time and e-mailing you so it can be changed, however, it is your responsibility to communicate with your future roommates when filling out your contracts to make sure you match.

Live and Learn on Campus this Summer!

Living on campus during the summer provides students convenient access to academic support services, summer classes, and Student Health Services. Students also have the opportunity to meet new people and experience a vibrant, diverse living community. We will have options for CSS students that can help make your experience on campus more enjoyable & student-centered! Summer 2017 housing will be in Cedar Hall. Our summer housing is intended for a summer community, therefore we do not do nightly rentals for occasional nightly stays or hotel style.

Please note that for any student who is staying one month or longer, a mandatory one-time $50 Student Health Services fee will be added to your account. Student Health Services will have full services available to students.

Summer 2017 housing contracts will go live on Cor, OneStop on Friday, March 10th. Applications are due by May 1st, 2017. For questions, please contact Assistant Director for Apartment Communities, Brittany Heilman at

Roommate Options Available.

This summer you have the option to choose how many roommates you would like to have.

Option 1: No roommates, the charge will be $40 per day. You will have the whole apartment to yourself.
Option 2: Bedroom to yourself, the charge will be $20 per day. You will have 1 or 2 roommates in the apartment.
Option 3: Up to 3 roommates, the charge will be $10 per day. You will be renting a single bed space and sharing a bedroom.

Summer housing residents will have one week at the beginning and end of the summer months to transition from the spring-to-summer and summer-to-fall spaces. We have two summer transition periods. One will be at the end of spring term when we clean the apartments so students can move into their summer spaces, we plan on having all spaces cleaned and students into their summer spaces during the week of May 15th. The second transition period will be the week of August 7th at which time we will have students move into their fall spaces. If you do not have a 2017-18 fall housing contract you will be required to move off campus by August 5th.

In an effort to make this process as seamless as possible, when we do placement for summer housing, if you currently live in a summer placement we will try our best tokeep you in your current apartment to minimize the number of moves you need to do. Likewise, if you are assigned to live in summer placement for the 2017-2018 academic year, we will do our best to place you in your fall space for your summer housing assignment.

Please review the CSS Summer Student Handbook for more information before you do your contract.

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