Student Outdoor Adventure Retreat: Canoeing


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness

Explore the most famous wilderness canoe location in the world, right outside our back door! Spend four days with us exploring the Canadian Shield country. Our guides will teach you all of the paddling and camping skills needed to travel through this one of a kind wilderness. Each day you will paddle across lakes and rivers surrounded by breathtaking landscape. Look out for waterfalls, hieroglyphs, and maybe even a moose. During the evening, you can wind down with camp games, great food, and get to know your trip mates. This would also be a great time to talk to the guides about what college is like as well as ask any questions you have not been able to ask yet. Meet new friends as you as your paddle silently guides you through the awe-inspiring depths this boreal forest region. Choose your level of challenge by deciding between two difficulty options.


Trip Difficulty: Moderate

On this trip, you will travel/paddle 3-8 miles per day for a total of  ~30 miles throughout the trip. In terms of wilderness skills and knowledge, this trip is beginner friendly; our guides will teach you everything to be successful. Physically this trip may not push all participants to their limits, but carrying gear and canoes along trails, over rocks, and around trees can be challenging. We work together as a group and we lift each other up and push beyond our limits.

2 Guides/7 Participants

Entry Points: #27 Snowbank Lake

Trip Difficulty: Moderate/Difficult:

During this trip, you and your trip mates will travel 6-10 miles per day for a total of ~35 miles. This trip will most likely challenge and push you physically. Prior canoe and camping experience recommended but not required for this trip. If you have what it takes to be part of a group which is determined to push themselves both physically and mentally to accomplish group goals, then sign up to be a part of this experience. Individual growth happens when a person faces a challenge; group growth happens when an individual(s) is/are challenged and the group steps up and finds success.

2 Guides/7 Participants

Entry Point: #24 Wood Lake & #26 Fall Lake

We have 2 moderate/difficult trips this year. The groups will be completing the same routes but each will start at opposite ends and cross pathes in the middle.

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