Student Outdoor Adventure Retreat: Canoeing


Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness (BWCA)

Explore the most famous wilderness canoe location in the world, right outside our back door! Spend four days with us exploring the Canadian Shield country. Our guides will teach you all of the paddling and camping skills needed to travel through this one of a kind wilderness. Each day you will paddle across lakes and rivers surrounded by breathtaking landscape. Look out for waterfalls, hieroglyphs, and maybe even a moose. During the evening, you can wind down with camp games, great food, and get to know your trip mates. This would also be a great time to talk to the guides about what college is like as well as ask any questions you have not been able to ask yet. Meet new friends as you as your paddle silently guides you through the awe-inspiring depths this boreal forest region. Choose your level of challenge by deciding between two difficulty options.

BWCA Paddlin'

Trip Difficulty: Moderate - During the trip we will be paddling and portaging about 8-10 miles per day, for a total of about 40 miles in 5 days. This trip can be physically demanding and will involve carrying canoes and gear that can weigh up to 60 lbs in addition to making our way across some rough terrain from lake to lake. In terms of wilderness skills and knowledge, prior experience canoeing and camping is helpful but not required! Your guides can teach you everything you need to know. All we ask is that you come with a positive attitude and willingness to learn. If you are up for the adventure, making new friends, and spending some time in the wilderness, this trip is for you!

Number of Particpants: 7 is the maximum number of participants per trip to the BWCA.  Permits allow for 9 people total, each of our OP trips will have 2 guides.

Guides: Morgan & Faye

Description: Looking for a way to start college out right? Well there's no better place to start than in the beautiful BWCA! Join us for a five day canoeing adventure through one of Minnesota's most treasured destinations. On this trip, you will have the opportunity to escape from the busyness of everyday life and experience nature the way it was meant to be. During the day, we will paddle across lakes and rivers, enjoy some sweet views, and bond with your fellow tripmates and guides. At night we will set up camp next to the lake, cook some awesome dinner, play camp games, swim in the lake, and bond around the campfire. This is an awesome time to make new best friends and ask the guides any questions you have about college, as well as contemplate the upcoming year.  Check out this video to get a sample of what a Boundary Waters Trip is like.

Entry Point: #54 Seagull Lake

The BWCA Paddling Adventure

Trip Difficulty: Moderate - This canoeing trip is geared towards people with beginner knowledge about canoeing. We will be travelling roughly 30-35 miles. No experience is necessary! We will be paddling most of the day with some portaging (Check the video to see what awesome experience awaits) *you will be wearing life jackets while paddling; not shown in video*

Number of Particpants: 7 is the maximum number of participants per trip to the BWCA. Permits allow for 9 people total, each of our OP trips will have 2 guides.

Guides: Rachel & Ben

Description: Have you ever wanted to explore the Boundary Waters? Starting at Brant Lake, our canoeing expedition will consist of traveling roughly 5-7 miles per day and setting up camp at picturesque campsites each night. Having the opportunity to kick back with fellow freshmen and your upperclassmen guides is a fantastic start to the college experience all while discussing various topics such as how to adjust to college, forming new friendships, and evolutionary neuroscience. We will all obtain newfound knowledge as we become best friends in 5 days. Rachel and Ben both live by the philosophy of "Miles and Smiles". Statisticians have confirmed that 100% of SOAR participants left with an enduring sense of self accomplishment. You will never forget this experience.

Entry Point: #52 Brant Lake

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