Limited need-based scholarships are available to students who go on ABE Trips. Receiving an ABE Scholarship reduces the overall cost of your ABE Trip Fees. Scholarship Application forms are due at the time of ABE Participant Application. All scholarship recipients will be required to participate in activities to give back to the ABE program and write a reflection paper. Scholarship applications received after the application deadline will require a meeting with the Campus Minister in order to be considered and will only be considered if funds remain available.

All scholarship recipients will need to:
1) Meet with the ABE Coordinator to discuss expectations of scholarship recipients and to determine what activity (activities) you will do to give back to the ABE program. Scholarships recipients will complete activities based on how much scholarship assistance is received. Students must complete their activities or they will be expected to pay the remainder of their ABE Trip Fees.
2) Write a 3 page minimum reflection paper due 1 week following your return to campus as a token of appreciation for your financial gift. If this is not received, we reserve the right to withhold the scholarship and charge you in full for your Trip.