Co-Leader Information

Characteristics of ABE Co-Leaders
-Openness and concern for the participants
-Willingness to be a co-learner with the participants
-Willingness to give guidance and direction and accept responsibility for the participants while encouraging student and group leadership when possible
-Honesty and respect toward the participants and the site community
-Ability to deal with problems and conflicts constructively
-Concern for issues of social justice
-Openness to diverse perspectives, especially faith perspectives 

-Attend to all co-leader training requirements
-Meet with co-leader to discuss philosophies and leadership strengths and weaknesses
-Interview applicants expressing interest in trip and select group members 
-Become acquainted with the assigned site and related issues
-Integrate the Core Values of service, stewardship, solidarity, social justice, and spirituality into the ABE experience
-Coordinate trip itinerary/logistics/fundraising including research and plan activities to do in the area
-Coordinate specific activities with your site contact person (discuss housing, food, transportation, orientation to site and daily schedule)
-Gather group together 3 times before departure to prepare for trip and build a sense of community (include community-building activities, discussion on issues of social justice and spiritual reflections in light of those issues; additional meetings are needed for international trips) 
-Attend to ongoing needs and issues as they arise, before, during, or immediately after trip (conflict resolution, group dynamics, required paperwork, etc.) 
-Cooperate and maintain contact with Campus Ministry
-Coordinate transportation and make sure enough drivers are "approved drivers for CSS," if applicable
-Response appropriately to emergency situations with students
-Ensure that participants and co-leaders complete an evaluation
-Schedule a post-trip gathering with the group

**Co-leaders also receive a $150 discount on trip fees. 

Community Conduct Form (MUST be filled out along with application for all co-leader applicants).