Adviser Information

Faculty/Staff Advisor Overview
Alternative Break Experiences (ABE)

For each ABE Trip, we try and include a Faculty/Staff Advisor to join the group of students. 

Quality/Characteristics of Faculty/Staff Advisors
-Willingness to give guidance, direction, and support for student co-leaders
-Care and respect for the participants, co-leaders, and the site community
-Ability to deal with problems and conflicts constructively in partnership with the co-leaders
-Concern for issues of social justice
-Openness to diverse perspectives and spiritualities 

-Participate in training sessions with Campus Ministry staff, as needed
-Potential topics: ABE trip expectations/goals, Facilitating reflection on ABE trips, site specific information, empowering student leaders, etc.
-Meet with student co-leaders to discuss leadership and particulars of the trip
-Become acquainted with the assigned site and related issues
-Support student co-leaders with the trip itinerary/logistics
-Attend the group meetings before departure to prepare for trip and build a sense of community
-Support student co-leaders in ongoing needs and issues as they arise, before, during, or immediately after trip (conflict resolution, group dynamics, required paperwork, etc.) 
-Respond appropriately to emergency situations with students. 

Faculty/Staff Advisors are not expected to pay any trip fees. If you would like to pay something to support these opportunities for students, we would accept your donation and put the funds toward additional scholarships for students.

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