Sept. 12: info meeting (7-8pm) T20D
Sept. 19: info meeting (8-9pm) T20D 
Sept. 19: Co-leader applications due
Sept. 20-24: Co-leader applicant interviews
Oct. 1: Co-leader commitment forms due 
Oct. 4: January trip applications due 
October 15-21: January trip applicant interviews
Nov. 2: January trip commitments and deposits due
Nov. 16: March/May applications due (Terra Dotta and/or Google Form)
Nov. 19: January trip remaining forms and fees due
November 26-Dec 6: March/May trip applicant interviews 
Dec. 13: March/May commitments and deposits due
Jan. 2-10: Los Angeles ABE Trip
Jan. 4-12: New Orleans ABE Trip
Feb. 18: March/May remaining forms and fees due
March 9-17: Guatemala ABE Trip 
March 10-16: Arizona ABE Trip
May 13-20: Dominican Republic ABE Trip