24/7 support via PAVSA at 218-726-1931

Gender Equity and Anti-Violence Allies (GEVA) Team

The GEVA Team

Melissa Watschke, Center for Equal Access Director- (218) 723-6747

Kara Thoemke, Biology Faculty - Science 2129 (218) 723-7081

Corey Kemp, Head Baseball Coach- BWC 266 (218) 723-6298

Kelly Mullan, Communication, Theater, Arts Faculty - Tower 4403 (218) 723-6701

Michelle Ruszat, VIP Coordinator - Tower 2128 (218) 733-2227


The GEVA Team is an inclusive group comprised of staff and faculty. GEVAs are trained to help students, staff, and faculty understand resources, procedures, and options available to survivors of sexual and gender based violence, on and off campus. GEVAs have an in-depth knowledge regarding sexual and gender based misconduct and clarify options for students, staff, and faculty. For those wanting more information regarding reporting, support, and services, GEVAs are a great option. 

GEVAs are semi-confidential resources. Meeting with a GEVA does not mean that you have to file a complaint or make a report. GEVAs can help in the reporting process should a victim/survivor be interested in that option.

GEVAs are required to aid CSS in capturing accurate statistics, however these statistics do not include any information that is personally identifiable. Additionally, GEVAs confidentiality is limited if there is an external to CSS process (civil or criminal process) occurring. GEVAs work closely with the Title IX Coordinator Team to ensure support services are available to all campus community members within all of our campuses. GEVAs help maintain relationships and understanding of the various Community Resources for All Campuses.

GEVAs can help the campus community gain access, understanding, and advocacy of navigation to the following:

  • On & Off Campus Counseling & Mental Health Services including Support Groups
  • On & Off Campus Medical Services including SANE
  • On & Off Campus Reporting Mechanisms
  • General Victim Advocacy within Campus, Civil, & Criminal Processes
  • Legal Advocacy including OFPs, HROs, No Contacts, DANCOs
  • Accomodations to Academic, Living, Transportation and/or Working Arrangements
  • Psychoeducational Offerings

In addition, GEVAs and VIP work as a Resource Center for folks wanting more information on the issues, how to get involved, supporting loved ones, program coordination, etc.

 GEVAs can be reached individually by contacting them via their office, email, or phone.

Additionally, GEVAs can be contacted via email at

Additionally we have many other resources, including off campus advocates at PAVSA and Safe Haven (in Duluth) and connections to other resources in communities near our extended sites. For more information about those, please visit our Community Resources for All Campuses page.

Contact Us

Michelle Ruszat

Violence Intervention and Prevention Coordinator

Tower 2128