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Committed to the emotional well-being of students

St. Scholastica will begin a multi-year strategic collaboration with The Jed Foundation that not only enhances the mental health work already being done on campus but also creates positive, lasting change.

JED Campus

JED Campus logoBy becoming a JED Campus member St. Scholastica demonstrates a commitment to the emotional well-being of its students. JED Campus is a nationwide initiative of The Jed Foundation designed to empower schools with a framework and customized support to enhance student:

  • Mental health services
  • Suicide prevention
  • Substance abuse prevention

JED's programs are grounded in an evidence-based model used to assess efforts currently being made on campus, identifying existing strengths and improvements within seven strategic areas.

Winter 2020

  • Community introduction meeting with a campus advisor
  • Self-assessment
  • Assessment review and feedback

Spring 2021

  • Working groups identified
  • Healthy Minds student survey
  • Campus visits

Steering committee

  • Laurie Anderson
  • Chanty Armijo-Cruz
  • Zack Babcock
  • Marlene Bartikoski
  • Franco Bari
  • Elena Bissonette
  • Richard Coleman
  • Michele Johnson
  • Teresa Guerrero (co-chair)
  • Lindsay Izzard
  • Elliott Johnston
  • Steve Lyons
  • Kelly Mullan (co-chair)
  • Megan Perry-Spears
  • Michelle Ruzsat Klee
  • Ryan Sandefer
  • Mimi Stender
  • Sarah Stewart
  • Zac Via
  • Amy Watters
  • Hannah Richards 
  • Julian Vela
  • Sarah Wells (co-chair)
  • Julie Zaruba-Fountaine
  • Leigh Branovan
  • Angie Hummel
  • Glenn Maloney
  • Sharon Obst
  • Melanie Talaga
  • Elizabeth Fait
  • Jenessa Demers
  • Kristina Church

Working groups

These groups identify and implement action plans related to goals around mental health, substance use and suicide prevention. Specific groups will be identified in spring 2021.


  • Leigh Branovan
  • Kris Church
  • Elizabeth Fait
  • Angie Hummel
  • Glenn Maloney
  • Sharon Obst
  • Melanie Talaga

We are currently seeking St. Scholastica community members to serve in this capacity. For more information or to join a working group, contact us.

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Portrait of Teresa Guerrero Teresa Guerrero, LICSW
Director, Student Health and Wellness

Portrait of Sarah Wells Sarah Wells, LICSW
Mental Health Therapist & Education Coordinator

Portrait of Kelly Mullan Kelly Mullan, MA
Associate Director, GE/Lecturer, CTA