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Our system has changed to include remote Appointment Check-In with this link: Enter Date of Birth and select "Check in for an Appointment". 

Main Campus and Health Sciences (Bluestone) Students

If you are new to Counseling Services or have other questions, please call (218) 723-6085 or email We are providing Telemental Health counseling services to Main Campus and Health Sciences (Bluestone) students. 

If you already have a mental health therapist at CSS, please email that person directly to request a visit. Provider  links are - Teresa Guerrero,; Leigh Branovan; Sarah Wells; Angie Hummel; Glenn Maloney Appointments with Pam Bjorklund should be made by calling Marlene Bartikoski at (218) 723-6085 or email

Extended and Online (prior to Covid-19) Students

Please continue to use the Saints Assistance Program. Go to and use passcode: css-students to access resources and support online. You can also call 833-403-0101 24/7. Another option is to download the iConnectYou mobile app and register using passcode 147211 to text or video chat with trained staff members.

Suggestions for managing mental health are found on Student Center for Health and Well-Being Resources page.

If this is a physical or mental health emergency, call 911.

Counseling Services

Students utilize our services as a place to discuss concerns and challenges they are experiencing in their life as a college student.

A Safe, Trusting and Confidential Relationship

  • You can expect all the information you discuss to be kept confidential (exceptions to this policy are explained in your Informed Consent Document).

  • Without your written consent and explicit permission, we will not discuss your situation with anyone, except the counselors on our staff for consultation purposes.

  • Your counseling file is not a part of your academic record, and no individual outside the counseling department has access to your file.

  • If we think it would be helpful to talk to others about your situation (a faculty or staff member, parents, other health care providers you may have seen previously), we will ask your permission and ask you to sign a Release of Information Form to talk to that person.  You have the right to refuse a counselor's request, if you feel it is not in your best interest. 


  • Counseling Services is available to all CSS students at no cost (except for psychiatric evaluations and management of medications which are billed to your insurance).
  • Following an initial meeting with a counselor, students may utilize up to 12 counseling sessions within each academic year.

Meeting with a Counselor 

  • Prior to your initial meeting (called an intake), you will be asked to fill out an online questionnaire.
  • During the first meeting your counselor will ask you questions and listen in order to get an understanding of what kind of support you may want. This may require the counselor to ask you some questions about your past experiences and relationships, as well as about your present concerns.
  • Once your counselor has developed an understanding of your situation, you and your counselor will develop a plan to address your concerns.

Tips for finding private space

In order to protect the health of students and staff during the time of COVID-19, CSS Counseling is providing Telemental Health via Zoom. Because of this change, we understand it may be tricky to find a private space to zoom in for your counseling appointment. To better support your ability to feel safe and comfortable when meeting with your counselor, we recommend the following options.

  • Reserve a study room at the CSS Library. To schedule, all you need to do is email the library to set up a time: You can also contact library staff by phone: 218-723-6140; or text: 218-422-6942.
  • If sharing a bedroom, have a conversation with your roommate(s) to strategize a schedule for everyone to take advantage of some private time. You're likely not the only one who would appreciate being able to use the room at certain times for private conversations. Without going into too many details, start by asking if you can reserve the room for an appointment on a specific day and time. You can then return the favor by asking your roommate(s) if they would like to reserve the room sometime.
  • Even when in a private room, use earbuds or headphones and turn screen away from windows to increase a sense of privacy. Attempt to situate yourself in a way that optimizes safety and comfort.

If you have any questions or concerns about your experience with Counseling Services, please talk to your counselor or contact Teresa Guerrero, Director of The Student Center for Health and Well-Being at 218-723-6085.  Thank you for your willingness to utilize the services of the Counseling Department, and we hope you will find the experience helpful and rewarding.

Counseling Services

Call:  (218) 723-6085 


Fax: (218) 723-6482

Available M-F 8 a.m.-4 p.m.

After hours mental health crisis resources

In an emergency, call 911. 


Teresa Guerrero, MSW, LICSW Portrait of Teresa Guerrero
Director of SCHAWB

Marlene BartikoskiPortrait of Marlene Bartikoski
Administrative Assistant

Pam Bjorklund, Ph.D., RN, CS, PMHNPPortrait of Pam Bjorklund
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Leigh Branovan, MSW, LICSWPortrait of Leigh Branovan
Assistant Director, Mental Health Therapist

Sarah Wells, MSW, LICSWSarah Wells  headshot
Mental Health Education Coordinator, Mental Health Therapist

Glenn Maloney, MSW, LICSW, LADCportrait of Glenn Maloney
Mental Health Therapist

Angie Hummel, LPCportrait of Angie Hummel
 Mental Health Therapist