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CLEAN Services and support for students
in recovery from drug or alcohol addiction

CLEAN is a collegiate recovery program serving students in the Twin Ports in their path to recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. CLEAN is a community-based, peer-driven recovery support program that provides individual coaching and a supportive community of people in recovery. While many elements are specific to St. Scholastica students, some are available for students in recovery who are enrolled at any of the Twin Ports colleges.

CLEAN has three programs or "tracks" within its service options. We meet students in all stages and levels of recovery. The program has different levels of support. Please call the CLEAN Program (218-723-6527) to talk through what services and supports might be best for you.

What CLEAN Recovery Services are – and what they aren't

Recovery services provide a framework through which students fully engage in the college experience while living a life of recovery. It is based on fostering a community of support. It is designed for students ready for college or ready to continue their college education, but desiring accountability and support to enhance their recovery. Recovery services also exist to assist students with the application process and transitioning into the Duluth/Superior recovery community.

The CLEAN Program is a recovery support program, not a treatment program. Most students who are in the program have completed in-patient or outpatient treatment and have been sober for a few months or years. Programming is focused on supporting those who are active in their recovery. In addition to connecting students to resources in the Counseling Center, The Center for Equal Access (Disability Resources), and Academic Advising, students in CLEAN are supported with these programs and services:

CLEAN Programs and Services

• Weekly Peer Coaching (1:1)
• Weekly Community Meetings
• 3 Twelve-Step meetings per week or like activity
• Drug Testing
• Drop In Safe Space
• Have a sponsor or like support
• Community Service
• On Campus Housing (optional)
• Self-Improvement Seminar (optional)
• Sober Saints (CSS Student Club) (optional)
• Bi-Weekly Community Meal (optional)

Joining the CLEAN Program

 We aim to support each person in their recovery. There are three tracks in which students participate. 

  • CLEAN (contract) is our most comprehensive program. When students from any college choose to be in CLEAN, they sign a contract agreement indicating their commitment and understanding of the Program. 
  • CLEAN Intended is for students who may be hesitant for whatever reason to commit to the full CLEAN program. 
  • RESTORE is for CSS students only. It is for students who are not in recovery, but are struggling with or worried about their drug and alcohol use. Many of these students are seeking to better align their behavior and choices with their goals.

If you are a new student or prospective student:

Contact us!

For more information, please call 218-723-6527 or emailing

DONATE to the CLEAN Progam!  

What can your money do? It can transform lives!

$150-  One Student can attend a Recovery Conference such as MNYPAA or WICYPAA
$250- One Full CLEAN Community Shared Meal and Fellowship
$1000- Recovery-centered Educucation Event (open to the whole community!)
$3000-  Sponsor a CLEAN student for a full year of support and transformation

Contact Us

(800) 249-6412  ext. 6527
(218) 723-6527

Contact an Admissions Counselor
(800) 249-6412
(218) 723-6046

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