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The Financial Literacy, WellU program focuses on helping students understand their personal finances.  The program offers peer mentoring with Savvy Saint Students who are trained to guide you on the GradReady online financial literacy tools.    
Why set up a one on one appointment with the Savvy Saint?

  • Show you how to track your spending and create and implement a budget.
  • Help map out your monthly expenditure reports.
  • Help you understand navigating tools for loan repayment options.
  • Help find ways to save in the future.
  • Teach the benefits of how to establish good credit.
  • Help you gain financial confidence.

Meet your Savvy Saint


Name:                       Bryan Chavez

Hometown:             Minneapolis, MN

Area of Study:        Accounting and Finance

Unique Fact:           I have a big family and six of us are currently enrolled at Saint Scholastica.

Financial Advice:  It takes 21 consecutive days to form a habit. The best Habit to build right now is to build a budget where you anticipate how much income and expenses you will generate for an entire month and compare it to the actual amount at the end of the month. The best way to save money is to pay attention to the variable cost. Reducing those expenses will allow you to meet short and long term goals while putting money aside for your savings account.

Extracurricular:   Student Trustee, Senate, Men's soccer, Student Blogger, Treasurer Latinx Student Union, Accounting club, Center for just living.



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