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WELLU Financial wants to help students prepare for future financing after they receive the job of their dreams.  Here are some helpful tips and terms to know. Check out other information at GradReady.  

Paycheck Terms

Gross Pay:  Total amount you have earned before taxes or withholdings

Net Pay: Earnings after taxes or withholdings

YTD: (Year-to-Date) amount of annual income earned to date

Everyday Health Insurance Terms

HMO: (Health Maintenance Organization) tend to be less expensive and more restrictions

PPO: (Preferred Provider Organization) pre-approved network of doctors and low co-payments

HSA: (Health Savings Account) tax-free account for health and high-deductible health plan 

FSA: (Flexible Spending Account) tax-free benefits and used with traditional health care plan.  The funds expire annually

COBRA: (Consolidated Omnibus Reconciliation Act) continue health coverage at an adjusted cost

401 (k) and Retirement Planning

For more information about future jobs and wages visit Career Services

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