Creating a Budget

Budgeting your personal finances can help you to create a spending plan for your money. It can help you understand how much money you have to spend so you stay out of debt. By doing this you have the ability to control the highs and lows in your finances, resulting in less stress in your life!

If you find ways you can spend less, you might be able to borrow less in loans for school. There are a lot of ways to reduce your spending.

Saving tips!
Do you drink a lot of coffee? By eliminating a $4 cup of coffee three times per week, you can save $624 per year.  Four years in college x $624 = $2496 in your pocket to put towards your tuition in college!

Helpful hints that could help you save when shopping or spending:

  1. Buy in bulk
  2. Use coupons 
  3. Remember to budget for tax
  4. Bring lists so you do not overspend

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