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With the advent of information technology in healthcare, the amount of patient data available to nurses and other healthcare providers is increasing dramatically. Effectively storing, retrieving, managing and transforming patient data has the potential to make a dramatic difference in patient outcomes.

As these skills become more critical for nurses, hospitals, clinics and other employers are looking for informatics experience in newly graduated and experienced nurses. A Nursing Informatics Certificate can help make sure you're the one hired or promoted.

100% online, from a leader in nursing and HIM

St. Scholastica has been a leader in both the nursing and HIM fields for more than 75 years. This 100% online certificate brings these two areas of expertise together in one useful certificate.

A focus on usability

Nurses need to access patient information at the point of care, and it is often unused if it is too complicated for nurses to easily retrieve. Our Nursing Informatics Certificate focuses on making informatics usable by showing you how to apply best practices to systems and daily processes.

This certificate also offers an in-depth study of the following:

  • Computerized health information systems
  • Data and knowledge management
  • Process improvement and workflow redesign
  • Human-computer interactions
  • Privacy and security issues

Program outcomes

  1. Incorporate theories, principles, and concepts from appropriate sciences into informatics practice and research to improve health outcomes.  
  2. Describe the design, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of informatics solutions to support patients, nurses, and other providers in their decision-making.
  3. Integrate social, legal, regulatory, and ethical standards into an informatics solution for nursing and health care.
  4. Promote the utilization of data, information, and knowledge management in health care.

Program details

  • 18 credits over six courses
  • 100% online
  • Includes a total of 200 practicum hours (required for eligibility for American Nurses Credentialing Center Certification in Informatics Nursing)
  • Individualized, student-centered advisement

Admissions requirements

Visit our admissions requirements page for full details on how to apply for the Nursing Informatics certificate.

Below is an outline of the course requirements for the Nursing Informatics Certificate Program by semester. View a text version of these requirements.

Graphic showing courses taken through the Nuring Informatics Certificate Program

Course Creation Center

Expand and Collapse Required Courses

Expand and Collapse HIF 6210 - Health Information Technology in Practice

Prepares students to appraise, implement, and optimize Electronic Health Record (EHR) technology to support the utilization and management of clinical information. Students will describe information infrastructure, data, and databases; employ processes for implementing healthcare information systems and clinical decision support tools; relate privacy and security issues to healthcare information; and explain personal health records and EHR applications used in acute, ambulatory, and specialty services.

Expand and Collapse HIF 6230 - Human Factors and Usability Assessment

Explore human factors principles and the application of usability assessments for the development and use of health information technology by clinicians and patients. The course covers the role of human factors and human-computer interactions in medicine, usability assessments and user-centered design, and theories of cognition, memory, and technology.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6508 - Healthcare Data Analytics

Covers the techniques, strategies and the need/use of Information Technology (IT) tools for data collection, data analysis, reporting and knowledge management. Offers learners the foundational terminology, concepts, models, processes and tools associated with decision support and knowledge management systems to leverage data into information and knowledge enhance care processes, data quality, cost effectiveness and decision-making, ultimately increasing the strategic acumen of the organization. Prerequisites: Finance or Accounting and HIM 6505, or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse HIM 6530 - Clinical Workflow & Process Re

This course explores how ancillary & clinical processes are designed and integrated together with the flow of information throughout a healthcare facility to bring decision-making value to healthcare professionals through quality information gathered in the most effective and efficient ways. Topics to be addressed include theory of quality and process improvement, workflow redesign, modeling techniques, use case scenario descriptions, clinical process reengineering, relationship to system infrastructure preparation and system build, outcomes measurement, and impact of change on organizational climate. Prerequisites: HIM 6502 or permission of the department.

Expand and Collapse NSG 6450 - Introduction to Health Informatics

A foundational and practical introduction to the concepts of health care informatics and technology as it supports health care delivery, education, research, and administration. Focus will include the role and impact of the nurse informatician.  Based on courses objectives, a minimum of 45 supervised practicum hours are required in collaboration with an appropriate agency and mentor.

Expand and Collapse NSG 6655 - Nursing Informatics Practicum

Practical application of nursing informatics knowledge and skills. Based on course objectives, students select a practicum experience with an appropriate agency and mentor. Requires a minimum of 155 supervised practicum hours.

For additional information on this certificate program in an easy-to-read format, please read our Nursing Informatics Gainful Employment Disclosure notice.

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