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Portrait of Cody CarlsonThe Exercise Physiology master’s program at The College of St. Scholastica provided an excellent opportunity for me to develop and improve the skills necessary for my career in healthcare. Larry, Joe, John and Lisa were always more than willing to provide additional help with any questions I had. The learning environment they created allowed me to gain confidence in my abilities. Learning how to prepare and implement exercise programs appropriate for an individual has been beneficial in helping create better outcomes for the patients that I work with. Having a course dedicated to learning about specific clinical populations provided insight into some of the difficulties one will encounter as a clinical exercise physiologist. The labs completed throughout the program gave me hands-on experience in a variety of exercise and health-related fields.

Following graduation, I took and passed my ACSM-Certified Clinical Exercise Physiologist exam. Shortly after, I began my job at Essentia Health/St. Mary’s Medical Center in Duluth as a cardiac rehab specialist. Working with patients after a myocardial infarction or cardiovascular procedure, I apply skills learned in multiple classes on a daily basis. It is rewarding to follow the improvement of a patient as he/she progresses through the cardiac rehab program. I also help in assessing patients at low, moderate, or high-risk for cardiovascular disease through various forms of exercise stress testing. Supervising clinical exercise stress tests has allowed me to greatly improve upon my rhythm interpretation and symptom assessment skills in a fast-paced environment.

Working at Essentia Health has been a very rewarding experience so far. The master’s degree I received helped prepare me for this career and I am very grateful for everything that the EXP program has done for me.

Portrait of Emma DrackleyWhen deciding on a school to obtain my master’s degree I knew I wanted a quality program. Choosing St. Scholastica’s master’s program in Exercise Physiology was one of the best decisions I made. Not only did I receive a great education in the classroom, but I was also able to learn hands on from many labs during my internship in the last semester. Having a smaller class size was also a great benefit because I got one-on-one time with each professor and I was able to make life long friends with my classmates who felt like family.

During my summer internship at St. Luke’s hospital working in cardiopulmonary rehab, I continued to search and apply for jobs to get a head start. I was fortunate enough to land my current job in cardiopulmonary rehab back in South Dakota where I got my undergraduate degree in Exercise Science. Being the only staff with this degree in our cardiac rehab department has brought a new light to what an exercise physiologist can do in this setting. I am able to teach the patients and my co-workers how to safely exercise after having a significant heart or lung event.

I have loved being able to work in cardiac rehab for two internships and now as my full time job. My advice for anyone who wants to pursue this degree is to shadow as much as possible to see all of the different opportunities there are within the field of exercise physiology.

Portrait of Anna NelsonI graduated with an MS in Exercise Physiology (EXP) from The College of St. Scholastica in 2018 after graduating in 2017 with a BS in EXP. St. Scholastica’s exercise physiology program is outstanding. It provided me with a strong base upon which I could begin my career with confidence. The small class sizes, hands on learning experiences, and the strong sense of community are what really set this program apart. The professors provide you with support and encouragement while also challenging you to be the best exercise physiologist you can be.

I currently work at Medtronic in Columbia Heights, MN as a cardiac technician, and I am also certified in cardiac rhythm interpretation as a CRAT. In my current role, I work with one of Medtronic’s cardiac devices, interpreting rhythms and compiling reports based on data from the device to send to the patient’s health care provider. St. Scholastica’s exercise physiology program prepared me incredibly well for my career at Medtronic. Courses in ECG interpretation, cardiac rehab, stress testing, and cardiovascular physiology provided me with the education needed to perform my job. My degree from St. Scholastica helps me understand the cardiovascular diseases, cardiac rhythms and medications pertinent to the device patients we monitor.

I can say with confidence that I would not be where I am today without the EXP program at The College of St. Scholastica. It gave me all the tools I needed to create a successful career for myself while also allowing me to enjoy the process along the way.

Portrait of Jason DeckerI graduated from the master’s program in exercise physiology in 2016. Larry, Joe, John and Lisa did a phenomenal job in providing me the tools I needed to prepare myself in working in a healthcare setting and I couldn’t have asked for a better group of professors to do so. Doing the master’s program at CSS made me feel confident in my skills as a healthcare professional.

Upon graduation from the program, I started my career at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn., as a physiological monitoring and interpretation technician. My job is to work directly with patients by hooking them up to cardiac monitors that provide continuous monitoring of their heart rhythm. We interpret the patient’s underlying rhythm and notify their nurse about any ectopy that occurs. As a monitor tech, it is my job to activate code blue situations whenever they occur (long runs of ventricular tachycardia, long durations of ventricular asystole or ventricular fibrillation). It doesn’t happen very often, but when it does, it can be a stressful but adrenaline rushing experience. It is especially rewarding to hear when a patient has a significant cardiac event and survives. Being part of a life-saving effort is an amazing feeling. I also help interpret 12-lead ECGs throughout the Mayo Clinic Healthcare System.

Working at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester overall has been an excellent experience. Being a monitor tech is my first job since graduating from the program and I plan on working in cardiac rehab in the future.

The Exercise Physiology (EXP) program at the College of St. Scholastica was an experience I will never forget. From the time I arrived on campus, I was welcomed by the faculty and felt right at home. Every day I attended class I learned something valuable that I could relate to my career. Although challenging, classes such as Human Anatomy (in which we had access to the cadaver lab) and Applied Exercise Physiology were some of the most enjoyable times in my academic career.

After I graduated, I continued my career as a Strength and Conditioning coach at Impact Sports Training and have not looked back. The education I received from the Master's program at the College of Saint Scholastica has helped me explain to clients many vital facts regarding the human body and the beauty of how it works. It has also helped give me confidence in talking to athletes regarding muscles they may, or may not, be using during various exercises. Lastly, the program has given me credibility amongst many current and potential clients.

I would most definitely recommend the Exercise Physiology to any individual looking to pursue a career in human performance, healthcare, or any health related setting. With the help of Joe, Larry, John, and Ryan, this program will set you up for success wherever your health career path takes you.

Portrait of Mike Numon The College of Saint Scholastica Exercise Physiology program has played a pivotal role in developing my professional career in the medical device sales industry.  The professors challenged me daily.  The student-to-faculty ratio, laboratory resources, and easy-to-learn environment was conducive to creating an effective accelerated Master's program, and these features are what drew me to attend Saint Scholastica.

After graduation, I pursued a career in the medical device industry, selling durable medical equipment and hardware to orthopedic surgeons.  The Master's in Exercise Physiology afforded me the proper education to feel confident in my day-to-day dialogue I have with surgeons in the clinic and operating room.  Without the proper preparedness that came from the program and professors, I would not be able to articulate my thoughts and be able to provide surgeons with the consultation necessary to successfully treat their patients.

I would, without a doubt, recommend the Exercise Physiology program to anyone interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, whether it is in sales or direct patient care.  This is a program that will instill the knowledge and skills to ensure a healthy life for yourself and others in any career that you pursue.

I completed my M.S. in Exercise Physiology from St. Scholastica in 2015, as well as my B.S. in Exercise Physiology in 2014. The exercise physiology program at St. Scholastica is outstanding, it truly provided an excellent opportunity to further my education and to challenge myself academically.  The professors in the exercise physiology program at St. Scholastica do an excellent job at exposing students to all realms of the expanding exercise physiology field both through classroom work, engaging discussions and internship work.  One of the aspects of the program that really stuck with me was the approachability of the professors.  They do everything in their power to provide guidance and help you to succeed, which are things that were very important to me.  

Following my graduate work at the college, I interned with HealthFitness at Boston Scientific in Arden Hills, MN.  In this internship, I performed fitness assessments, taught group exercise classes, performed personal training sessions, gave lunch and learn presentations on various wellness topics as well as help to put on large programs for members of the fitness center.  Upon completion of my internship I accepted a full time Health Fitness Professional position with HealthFitness at their 3M location in St. Paul, MN.  Here, I do much of the same work as I did at my internship but on a much larger scale.  I have to say that my experience with the exercise physiology program at St. Scholastica provided me with the tools and resources that I needed to be successful in the professional world. 

Portrait of Phil Roye Only the differentiated, comprehensive Master's program at CSS provided me with in-depth scientific knowledge in exercise physiology as well as the skills and abilities that are necessary for my current profession. This degree opened up work possibilities in science, research assistance, industry and practice and I was able to find an occupation that combines all of the aforementioned principles. The knowledge I gained at CSS has helped me tremendously to be successful in the workforce. I attribute the small class size and the teacher-to-student ratio to be one of the main contributors to my success. The Master degree also helped me to distinguish myself from the other candidates when I applied for jobs.

I currently oversee the YMCA Health, Fitness and Exercise curriculum at Ventura Family YMCA Ventura, CA. In addition to developing clinically-based exercise programs, I also manage the department's budget and educate staff and members by teaching classes and seminars. Phillip Roye, MS in EXP, 2014 Health & Wellness Director, Ventura Family YMCA Ventura, CA.

Photo of Katie WalrathI graduated from St. Scholastica in 2013 with my M.S. in Exercise Physiology. I also completed my B.S. in Exercise Physiology from CSS in 2012. The small class sizes and availability of the professors really helped me to do extremely well in the program and help steer me in the career path that was right for me. The education and hands on experiences I received along with two internship opportunities greatly assisted me gain the skills and knowledge that I use every day.

I completed my internship for my Master’s degree at Sanford Health in Thief River Falls and wound up getting hired soon after I was done. I have been working as an Exercise Physiologist in the Rehab department.

Without the education and experiences I had at St. Scholastica, I would not have gotten the position I have right now. St. Scholastica helped me in gaining employment soon after I graduated and the professors helped me in furthering my education by giving me the tools I needed to become a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist.

Photo of Connor BolgerMy name is Conor Bolger; I graduated of the MSc in Exercise Physiology program from CSS 2013 and am currently a PhD candidate in Biomechanics at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. As a PhD student I focus on Elite Sports Research and my responsibilities involve the use of biomechanics, physiology, and design to understand how athletes utilize equipment. Furthermore, I wish to use scientific methods, such as EMG, Inverse Dynamics, Principle Component Analysis, and various physiological measures to understand how particular aspects of equipment design affects an athlete, and how can we manipulate these aspects to increase performance. Upon Graduation from the Master's program, I received an internship working in Norway with elite cross-country skiers. The knowledge gained while enrolled at CSS provided a foundation into the physiology of sport and allowed for the opportunity to utilize valuable testing equipment that I now frequently use. Receiving an MSc from CSS created opportunity into a field that I had dreamed to be apart of, but never imagined possible. I now work with some of the greatest athletes in the world, and am able to not only gain knowledge to further my education, but also contribute to sport that I truly enjoy.

Photo of Michael Van HierdenI began my specifically planned vacation after completion of my second internship in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation. My pre-planned six month vacation had 4 specific goals including: apply for one clinical exercise physiology job per day, review one chapter per day for the American College of Sports Medicine's — Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist (RCEP) exam, personal train a few former personal training clients, and striving to maintain a conscious effort towards thoroughly enjoying the well earned freedom of deadlines and alarm clocks. Applying for jobs all across the United States reinforced my drive to visit and enjoy time with family and friends. I feel this combination of goals held structure and positive attitude towards my dream of finding a career within the realm of clinical exercise physiology.

I passed the RCEP and accepted a cardiac rehabilitation coordinator position at Sentara Albemarle Medical Center (Elizabeth City, NC) just three months after my completion of my graduate tenure at The College of St. Scholastica's exercise physiology program. I love my job and coworkers!

Larry, Joe, John D., and John N. did a fantastic job guiding me through the rigorous physiology. Most importantly, they helped me realize that I can accomplish anything I have the opportunity too. My future is in my hands and I'm running with it!

Photo of Nicole MoodyMy name is Nichole Moody. I currently work as a Cardiac Rehab Specialist at Essentia Health – Virginia. I perform direct patient care in phase II cardiac rehabilitation, phase III cardiac rehabilitation, pulmonary rehabilitation, and pre-diabetes classes through our diabetes center. Previous experiences have also allowed me to become proficient in stress testing and fitness instructing. My career as an exercise physiologist has been very fulfilling thus far, and I have chosen to further my career by entering into the MBA – Rural Healthcare program offered at CSS. By doing this, I hope to merge the skills and knowledge I have gained as an exercise physiologist with a managerial mindset.

The College of St. Scholastica is a warm and welcoming environment filled with a multitude of successful career paths. Attaining a B.S. in Exercise Physiology and M.S. in Exercise Physiology through CSS has not only opened doors to a variety of opportunities, but it has also prepared me for a successful career in healthcare. The Exercise Physiology program encourages students to critically think and evaluate each aspect of their education through an open and engaging method. The hands on approach and dedication of the staff prove to be successful as students continually go into this field with the tools to obtain solutions to multi-faceted problems. The concept of an ever-growing knowledge base is a unique theory instilled in this extraordinary program, and it allows students to continually learn and strive for better practices and outcomes. This program sets a gold standard for exercise physiology, and the completion of the program is an undeniable achievement in itself. I highly recommend this program for any individual with a love and passion for exercise, physiology, and the challenges of the incredible combination of the two.

Photo of Ben RiesI graduated from the MS in Exercise Physiology program at St. Scholastica in 2012 after receiving my BS in Exercise Science in 2011 from The University of Minnesota-Duluth. The small class sizes and exceptional availability of all professors were very instrumental in my excellent education at CSS. After graduating in 2012, I was accepted into the Doctor of Physical Therapy program at St. Scholastica and expect to graduate in 2016.

The EXP program at CSS provided me with exceptional knowledge about the human body that I continue to use every day as a Student Physical Therapist, and will continue to use as a Physical Therapist when I am finished with school. This program also helped build my application and increased my opportunity to be accepted into a DPT program. I believe that having my master’s in EXP will also open up more job opportunities in my career as a PT as well. Without my education from the MS program in Exercise Physiology at The College of St. Scholastica, I would not be in the position I am today. I am very appreciative of my opportunity in the EXP program and would be more than happy to help assist anyone considering the program

Photo of Zachary CI graduated from the M.S. Exercise Physiology program at St. Scholastica in 2011. The professors' teaching styles and availability to the students were paramount to my wonderful educational experience. The class settings and lab experiences allowed for open dialogue to address questions on anything that was not fully understood.

I am the coordinator of the High Energy Advanced Training program at St Cloud Orthopedics, which affords me the opportunity to work with young athletes ranging in ages from 12 through college age. The program is dedicated to athletic performance enhancement and I am responsible for creating and adjusting programs to suit the athletes’ needs. I also work with older adults who would like to improve their fitness levels to become healthier.

My education at St. Scholastica provided me with the confidence and ability to answer questions the athletes may have and to adapt to their specific needs. Without the classes, lab experiences and testing I experienced at St. Scholastica, I would not be able to be in the position I hold.

Photo of Kate JThe professors and intimate class sizes at the College of St. Scholastica helped me to excel through the program and become a successful Clinical Exercise Physiologist. The education and internship hours built directly into the master's program have led to my positions working as a Cardiac Rehab therapist for Fairview Hospitals and a Cardiac Exercise Physiologist in Stress Testing for North Memorial Hospitals.

As a Cardiac Rehab therapist, I enjoy teaching others about the process and effects of heart disease. I see patients post stent-placement, heart transplant and valve replacement and help them to understand the physiology behind their heart disease and how lifestyle improvements may keep them from having to see me again! I monitor them as they exercise, create exercise prescriptions and aid in the development of a home program specific to each patient that will allow them to live a longer, healthier life with known heart disease.

As a Cardiac EP in Stress Testing, I am responsible for assessing the appropriateness of a test based on a patient's history and physical as well as running the test to determine the likelihood of obstructive heart disease in each patient. To do this, I use graded exercise protocols and medications to stress the cardiovascular system and I am responsible for using 12-lead EKG, blood pressure response, heart rate response, oxygen saturation and the patient's symptoms to determine when and why to end the test.

Without the education I received from the MS program in Exercise Physiology at The College of St. Scholastica, I could not even dream of performing the tasks I do as a Clinical Exercise Physiologist. My time at St. Scholastica has given me the ability to do what I enjoy and to use my education on a daily basis.

Photo of Jason KI graduated from The College of St. Scholastica in 2009 with a  BS in Exercise Physiology. My education at CSS has led me to a Masters of Education in Applied Kinesiology at the University of Minnesota, with an emphasis in sport and exercise science. My undergraduate degree from CSS has helped be very successful in my pursuit of a master's degree. The University of Minnesota has just revitalized their human and sports performance laboratory. With the extensive laboratory experience I gained at CSS I have been able to make a significant contribution to this process. At a large research institution there is much less time for instruction on protocols and how to use the equipment so my previous knowledge has been very useful.

While going to school I founded Superior Performance by Kask. It is a small endurance coaching business that works with a variety of athletes. Through this I coach athletes in many endurance sports as well as run summer programs for Nordic skiers in college and high school. My undergraduate degree coupled with what I have learned recently in my graduate program allows me to help my clients reach their performance goals. With so many coaches relying on only their training experience to coach others having a physiology background has made it possible for me to a be a much more versatile and successful coach. 

In addition to running my coaching business I am the physiologist for the U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Team. Again, my excellent foundation in exercise physiology has been instrumental in my success in this position. My function as staff is to write training plans for the athletes and devise and execute testing protocols to effectively monitor training loads so that the team is performing at their best at major competitions. With the U.S. Paralympics Nordic Skiing Team I have had the opportunity to travel to the Sochi Paralympic games as well as international competitions in Canada, Finland and here in the United States.

The master’s program at The College of St. Scholastica set me up for success. I was able to receive my first core cardiac rehab job in the Fairview Health system one month after graduation. I was hired as a Float or Flex Cardiac Rehab Therapist being working with patients in the Phase I and II setting. Working at 4 different hospitals I was able to obtain the knowledge and be exposed to the diversity of the patient population. After spending 5 years as a core therapist I was promoted to the Supervisor of Cardiac and Pulmonary rehab at Fairview Southdale Hospital in 2010. I have also served on the Board of the Minnesota Association of Cardiac and Pulmonary Rehab (MNACVPR) for 7 years. During my time on the Board I have served at the president, web master, and treasurer. I also co-lead the Fairview Health Services student internship program for Cardiac Rehab, where we regularly have CSS students complete their internships. Throughout my education at CSS and career as a Cardiac Rehab Therapist I have always been eager to take on projects and get involved to help me grow as a leader and innovator in my field. Getting my masters at CSS in Exercise Physiology has provided me the foundation to be successful in all of my previous roles and feel it will continue to be vital to my future career growth.

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