Planning for the second century

Aerial view of Tower Hall on the Duluth Campus

Your help will create vibrant on-campus life, opportunities for active learning, passionate students and compassionate care for communities.

Better experiences

Living and learning environments for the century ahead

Today’s students learn differently than the students who walked our halls generations ago — and they need spaces designed for their needs and for the century ahead.

That means transforming our core campus buildings. As good stewards of Tower Hall, our most iconic building, we will update vital infrastructure while rethinking classroom design and technology to support interactive and group learning.

An on-campus residential community will remain at the heart of St. Scholastica, even as technologically based learning and distance programs become a bigger part of the College’s offerings. For that reason, we will revitalize 50-year-old Somers Hall, our largest residential building. It will become an ideal 21st century environment for creating a classic St. Scholastica experience.

Healthier communities

Compassionate healthcare for tomorrow’s needs

As a leader in Catholic higher education for healthcare, we must stay in the vanguard of scholarship and offer it in first-rate facilities. Just as the healthcare landscape is rapidly changing, so is healthcare education — and we will continue to create the best practices of tomorrow.

Our plans called for a new graduate Health Sciences Campus to house our occupational therapy, physical therapy and social work departments. The building opened in the fall of 2016 and includes the equipment and labs it takes to provide the most effective healthcare education today — as well as a practicing clinic that provides hands-on experience for students and quality care for the communities around us.

In addition, a graduate-level Physician Assistant program began fall 2017 with a cohort of 30 students; that number will increase to 34 and 38 students in the next two years. The program was developed in collaboration with healthcare providers across the region to meet workforce demands. It is the first in the nation with a rural emphasis, helping meet a growing demand where services are often lacking.

Bigger possibilities

More opportunities for tomorrow’s Saints

Providing more opportunity for tomorrow’s Saints begins by expanding the number of annual and endowed scholarships available. And it depends on strengthening our overall endowment.

Every year, our endowment generates reliable funding that enables us to plan for the future, invest in new ideas with greater confidence and security, and expand opportunities for tomorrow’s students — especially the opportunity to experience the education we offer.

The endowment provides a reliable, self-sustaining source of income for student financial aid while freeing a greater percentage of our operating budget for programs and resources that provide even more opportunity.

A larger endowment is the biggest investment we can make in tomorrow’s Saints — and the best way to give more deserving students the opportunity to attend St. Scholastica.

How you can help

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Campus, reinvigorated.
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Our purpose, renewed.

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