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Faculty and Staff Challenges

If you are interested in heightening your well-being and getting involved in something fun, then our faculty and staff challenges are perfect for you! Visit for more information on the WELLU challenges. Email with any questions or concerns. Good luck!

WellU Wellness Wheel Employee Challenge

How much will your team's Wellness Wheel expand?

Do you find yourself stuck in the same workout routine, week after week? Do you want to start the habit of becoming more physically active? Do you want a way to physically and mentally challenge yourself? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, WellU has the perfect opportunity for you. November 17th is the kick-off of the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge!

Wellness Wheel

The objective of the challenge is to be the team with the most points. The winner of the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge will be announced at the Wellness Challenge Banquet on Tuesday, January 20th at 12:00pm. You can earn points by walking, canoeing, mediation/prayer, chewing sugar free gum, and much more! You will receive a detailed list of how many points various activities are worth once you are signed up.

How to Sign Up for the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge

1. Go to
2. Type in "College of St. Scholastica" into the school search engine
3. Login or create an account
4. Once you are logged in, the WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge can be found under "fitness"
5. Find the WellU Employee Wellness Wheel Challenge on the calendar, or search for it under the "classes" tab
6. Once you have clicked on "WellU Wellness Wheel Challenge", click the green sign up button
7. Note: make sure to fill out the two required forms when registering (found under Participant Instructions)

Please email with any questions about the WellU Wellness Wheel challenge or how to use IMLeagues.

"In a New York Minute" Challenge Winners:

Once again, many of our faculty and staff members experienced success in our latest team health challenge, "In a New York Minute." By following the city that never sleeps, this challenge encouraged participants to track health components that are more outside the box than a typical walking or running exercise. Specifically, users were motivated to track points based on their completion of 5 variables: using the stairs, stretching at your desk, taking break time walks alone or with coworkers, and drinking 8 glasses of water a day.In a New York Minute CHALLENGE

While a number of teams blew us away with an extreme amount of points, the Beauties and the Beast team finished in first place. The 5 winners on this team include Pam Olson, who served as captain, Donna Kirk, Katie Wayne, Renee Saamanen, and Jay Parsons, the beast in this metaphor. It seems that the Disney Theme they focused on brought them a great deal of luck! Be sure to congratulate these participants, and be on the lookout for our next faculty/staff challenge coming next fall!

"Trek the Great Wall of China" Challenge Winners!

Student Health ServicesOnce again, yet another successful faculty and staff team challenge has come to an end. Ten teams and more than 60 individuals participated in our firstchallenge of the academic year. While trekking the Great Wall of China and learning about milestones along the way, we totaled 3,493,272 steps, accounting for 1,644.4 miles in just 5 short weeks! Our lovely ladies from Student Health Services landed in 1st place with 477,440 steps and 224.7 miles! Team members, seen to the left, include Christine Sandal, LeeAnn Nelsen, Julie Zaruba Fountaine, and Kristen Regas. With just 4 members, these tenacious women attribute their success to a great deal of shoveling. In addition to these winners are the 10 participants from the team SA Superstars who submitted a phenomenal article on how their team met the vision of being stewards of their health. These members include Diane Swanoski, Carrie Taylor Kemp, Leigh Branovan, Nathan Langer, Gail Samarzia, Anita Gille, Mary Anderson, Jessica Ellingson, Pam Bjorklund, and Mary Butler. This diverse group represents departments throughout the college including Career Services, Student Affairs, Campus Ministry, Disability Resources, and Nursing. Congratulations to all of our winners and participants! Be sure to keep an eye open for our next team challenge coming soon in the Spring of 2014!

Challenge"How To's" to help you sign up and get started:

HOW TO... Create an Account (for All Users):
1) Visit
2) All users must create an account, even if you've participated in the past
3) Click on either "Not Registered?" or "Sign up now by CLICKING HERE"
4) Agree to the end user agreement
5) Type in "CSS" next to enter site under company selection and click "OK"
6) Fill out all profile information and click "Save & Continue"

HOW TO... Create a Team (for Team Captains):
1) Once logged in, click "Teams" on the left side bar
2) Click "create a team" in the upper right corner
3) Fill out all fields appropriate
a. Enter your team name
b. Make sure to choose an avatar to represent your team
c. Enter a brief description for your team
d. Make your team a "Public" team so that others may easily join
e. Select "yes" that you want to limit the number of people
f. Set that limit to 10
g. Select "yes" you are a member of the team

HOW TO... Add your Team to the Challenge (for Team Captains):
1) To add your team to the challenge, click on "challenges" on the left side bar
2) Click on "Challenge Teams" in the upper right corner
3) Click on "add my team to this challenge"
4) Then click "add to challenge"

HOW TO... Join a Team (for Non-Captain Team Members):
1) Once logged in, click "Teams" on the left side bar
2) Scroll over the team you would like to join and click "Join"

HOW TO... Track Steps (for All Users):
1) Once logged in, click "Welcome" on the left side bar, if you are not already there
2) If you'd like to track steps and view progress on the map, click the link within "Visit the challenge page by clicking here."
3) If you'd like to track steps quickly, do so directly from the "Welcome" page
4) Enter the date and steps under "Count Steps" if you walked or know the steps for your activity
5) Enter the date, choose an activity, and enter minutes under "Count Activities" for other physical activities

"Rock Your Way to Wellness" Challenge Winners!

As all of our participants begin packing away their 'blue suede shoes,' we say goodbye to yet another successful faculty and staff challenge. The conclusion of the "Rock Your Way to Wellness" challenge brought about the celebration of 19 winners within 3 different teams. The staff ladies from the science building, known as the Science Saints, quickly became winners after tracking the most points at an outstanding 795,732 steps. Team members include Amanda Nix, Kristen Reedy, Pam Olson, Cathy Johnson, and Renee Saamanen. After hours of calculations, the competitive walkers from College Advancement, known as the Blue Stone Rockers, took home the medal for the most log ins to the Healthy Life site with at least 35 log ins each. Team members include Carrie Emslander, Elizabeth Simonson, Janet Rosen, Lisa Roseth, Shannon Hoffman, and Aimee Fisher. Lastly, after reading and evaluating a number of fine essays, the large, 8 member team of One Token Male claimed the prize with the most thought-out and inspiring winning essay. Team members include Amanda Abrahamson, Anne Hansen, Brenda Panger, Cathy Johnson, Joe Wicklund, Joel Claseman, Laurajae Johnson, and Pam Lahti. Congratulations to each of our winners and to all that competed in this exciting, team challenge!

"There Is No Time Like the Pleasant" Challenge Winners!

From L to R: Nikki Schutte, William Leino, Barbara King, and Paula McGrew

As the ever stressful and hectic holiday season came to a close, so did our WELLU faculty and staff challenge, "There is No Time like the Pleasant!" Throughout this challenge, participants were rewarded points for setting aside time for themselves to complete and track 7 possible relaxation activities. From the 60 plus faculty and staff that took part in this challenge, 20 individuals recorded at least 100 points and 11 individuals recorded at least 200 points! Ironically enough, three individuals tied for 2nd place with an outstanding 217 points. These stress-free participants are William Leino, Paula McGrew, and Nikki Schutte. Landing in first place, just one point ahead of the others at 218 points, was Barbara King. Barbara plans to purchase a new iPod Mini with her prize money! Be sure to congratulate our challenge winners, and keep an eye open for future WELLU faculty and staff challenges!