Fall Philanthropy Week 2018 | November 12 - 16

Alumni Engagement hosted Philanthropy Week the week of November 12-16. Our goal was to encourage students to realize how much philanthropy positively affects the CSS experience, and how important it is for each of us to give back. Through philanthropic giving of time, talent, and treasure, we can all help CSS, and our communities, thrive.

Monday, Nov. 12: HOSPITALITY

We hid nearly 300 pieces of candy around campus to get students in a philanthropic spirit. Chocolate gold coins were labeled, It's Philanthropy Week. Celebrate Hospitality with a treat!; and 100 Grand Bars were labeled, Money doesn't grow on trees, but cocoa does! The candy was a teaser for the week's festivities.

Tuesday, Nov. 13: LOVE OF LEARNING

Over 50 students and staff stopped by our table in the Union to share a message about why they love CSS. The messages were written on a white board and captured in photographs that were later shared to the Alumni Assn. Facebook page. Sentiments ranged from "Tower Hall looks like a castle!" to "Atmosphere of inclusivity" to "It just feels like home." We agree.

Students share why they love CSS

Wednesday, Nov. 14: RESPECT

We stationed ourselves in the Benedictine Commons on a mission to give away hot slices of Pizza Hut pizza to anyone wearing St. Scholastica apparel (or anyone who looked hungry enough to come say hello). Students were also encouraged to fill out an entry to win a CSS sweatshirt from the Saints Shop. Later that evening, we hosted 44 students, staff and friends for our annual Etiquette Dinner; an informative, interactive and energetic evening for everyone!

Etiquette Dinner 2018

Thursday, Nov. 15: STEWARDSHIP

Students were asked to take a moment out of their day to write a short, heartfelt letter to a donor. We emphasized that each and every one of us are here because of someone who came before, and encouraged students to express their thanks to one of the many donors who have enriched their own educational experiences. Also worth noting, we collected $10 in "Storm's Dish" toward our Scholarship Fund. Thursday night was our annual Pre-Graduation Celebration where we hosted 32 soon-to-be alums at Black Woods to toast their upcoming commencement.

Friday, Nov. 16: COMMUNITY

In keeping with tradition, we capped off Philanthropy Week with sugar. Members of the CSS community were invited to indulge in a blue or gold cupcake. In exchange, we continued to ask for thank you notes for our donors. Between Thursday and Friday's tabling events, we collected 83 thoughtful, handwritten notes to be distributed by the College Advancement team. We also had 101 students enter to win our CSS sweatshirt drawing. Congrats to lucky winner Makayla Jacobsen!

Students writing thank you notes to donors