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The 2016 Homecoming Court!

Queen Candidates

Sarah Kroska

Hometown: Wyoming, MN
Major: Biology
Minor: Spanish
Campus Involvement: Bella Voce (Alto 1), Concert Band (Clarinet), CircleK- Volunteer, Organization (President), Community Service Orientation-CSO (Coordinator), Campus Ministry (Peer Minister), Pre-PT/PT Club, Alternative Break Experience (Co-Leader to New Orleans in Winter of 2016), and Past Active Minds (co-president)"
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: I believe that my values should be reflected in everyday living. I am somebody who surveys many options before choosing a path. When I first came to St. Scholastica, I was a little worried the values of the school would not fit my own. I am pleased to say that the truth was quite the opposite. The value that has really struck me this year is hospitality. How do I open up my heart and home to others? The spark started while visiting a faculty members house for a hospitality dinner during Community Service Orientation this year. The door was flung wide open and we, strangers, were greeted with a warm smile. Getting to know people, their names and majors, but also their story is something that I think makes up hospitality and connects it to all the other values, respect, stewardship, love of learning and community. This is the way that I combine the values into my daily life, but my favorite part is that everyone takes the values to heart a little differently. We all use these values but specialize in different components of them to make ourselves an individual in the greater context of community.

Emma Myles

Hometown: Wausau, WI
Majors: Marketing, Management
Minors: French, International Business
Campus Involvement: President of the Black Student Union, Justice Together, Muslim Student Association, Creator of Humans of CSS, Intramurals, Multicultural Leadership Orientation
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: Building a strong community is the most important aspect of my life. The way that I exemplify this is through the other four values. I demonstrate hospitality towards our newest community members by being active in the Multicultural Leadership Orientation and being involved in welcome week events. I demonstrate stewardship by developing young leaders within the classroom, in clubs, and through volunteering to continue the passion and care for our community. I demonstrate love of learning by being present in the classroom, maintaining a high GPA, going to academic conferences, and being a past participant in the Bede Research Award contest. Finally, I demonstrate respect everyday to every single member of my community. I have made it my personal mission to ensure that everyone feels included and welcome.

Rachel Rees

Hometown: Farmington, MN
Major: Psychology (pre-OT)
Minor: Biology and Organizational Behavior
Campus Involvement: Student Activities Chair for Student Senate, Coffeehouse co-chair for Campus Activities Board, Students Today Leaders Forever, Crochet and Knit Club, and Circle K
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: Throughout my time here at St. Scholastica, I have really embraced the five benedictine values and have demonstrated them through my involvement on campus. As a Resident Advisor (RA), I have shown the benedictine values and taught my residents the importance of demonstrating them. I have worked to create an inclusive community where my residents feel comfortable and at home. Hospitality is important to me, because creating a welcoming environment and being hospitable from the start can build a healthy community. Respect is an important value for all to live by when communicating with others each day. Respect is also key when using community spaces such as the lounges and bathrooms. As an RA, I encourage all of my residents to respect the communal spaces because I feel it is a way to be a steward of the resources we are given. Lastly, I encourage the love of learning through various programs I hold for my residents as well as checking in on their schooling.

King Candidates

Cheyenne Lemm

Hometown: Cromwell/Wright MN area
Major: Social Science Secondary Education and History
Campus Involvement: Queer Straight Alliance member, Indigenous Student Alliance interim president, Multicultural Leadership Orientation, Discover Duluth, Center for Just Living Ambassador
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: I take what I learn to help others. I have dedicated my life to educating our next generation of marginalized populations. I am steadfast in my commitment to social justice and have worked hard as a member and officer of the Indigenous Student Alliance. I recently spoke at the Faculty Staff Institute about the Love of Learning that the college has fostered in me.

Christian Schmidt

Hometown: Chisago City, Minnesota
Major: Biochemistry and Mathematics
Campus Involvement: Residential Life - RA in Scanlon Apartment, Earth Action - President 2014-2016, CSS Rugby Football Club - Captain 2015-2016, Forwards Coach 2016-Present
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: The Benedictine Value I try to show most in my life is hospitality. It was the hospitality that was shown to me while I was touring CSS that made me decide to come here. CSS is one of the few colleges I have ever encountered where everyone is accepted to be authentic and truly themselves, where everyone smiles at you when you see them walking around, and I am proud to have called it my home over these last four years. I show hospitality when working with my residents and at the summer camp that I worked at; I like having everyone know that when they get here they are fully accepted just the way they are. I try to brighten up the days of others by writing affirming letters to my friends and trying to spread love that way. The hospitality is tied quite tightly with Community and Respect, because respect is the foundation on which hospitality can prosper and hospitality helps community grow strong and grow together. My volunteering with environmental organizations has taught me a lot about the value of stewardship and what it truly means to be a steward of the earth. We are merely guests here for a short time, so I always try to leave where I go better than I found it. Stewardship is part of the reason why I feel drawn to study epidemiology in graduate school, so I can help people and utilize the resources I have the best of my ability. Lastly, I feel like I represent the value of Love of Learning through my studies. I am a double major in Mathematics and Biochemistry. I love learning about science, but I also find myself saying that my favorite classes are from the humanities because it challenges me to think differently than I would have. I love the challenge of trying to find a new of better way of doing things. I love the struggle of learning, because I believe that it is when one struggles with a problem that they are forced to look at it from a different perspective to try to find a better solution.

Josh Trosen

Hometown: Hackensack, MN
Major: Nursing
Minor: Management
Campus Involvement: Cross Country, Track and Field, Campus Activities Board, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Student Nursing Association, Air Force ROTC, CSS Swim Club, Investment Club, Youth Theology Institute
We asked, “How do you demonstrate the Benedictine Values in your life?” Here is the candidate’s response: This is something that I could talk about for many days, but I try to live out the benedictine values in my life each and every day so that others can see the love that is shining from me. It is my goal to always be nice to others and help in any way in a hospitable manner. I will help people with their groceries into their car on a regular basis and it allows me to meet an older Duluth member who has so much wisdom to shed to a young whipper snapper like me. I always try to have a positive attitude towards others and show them respect. One way that I love to show a sense of community to others on a regular basis is by cooking for a group of students who I am in the nursing program with or who I am in ROTC with. We enjoy the community between us and grow closer together in our friendship. I think that one way I show hospitality is to prospective students as I am giving tours. I show them the school that I absolutely love being at and hopefully leave them with a great sense of what the school is like. Lastly, love of learning is one of the main reasons that I am attending CSS. I am very eager to continue my education and grow to have a deeper understanding of so many things. I am so grateful to have each and every professor that I have had and I am excited to continue to learn more and become a Nurse soon!

About the Royalty Selection Process

Nominations:  Sept. 1- 19
Saints faculty, staff and students are invited to nominate seniors for Homecoming Royalty.

Candidate Information Gathering:  Sept. 20-25
All nominees are asked to provide information about themselves including:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • If they want to participate and if so, for which crown (king or queen)
  • Expected graduation date
  • Campus activities
  • How they demonstrate the Benedictine Values

Selection Committee:  Sept. 26-30

The selection committee is provided an anonymized list of all the candidates. The information provided to the selection committee includes the details given by the candidates themselves as well as the statements nominators made about each candidate. 

Each selection committee representative selects their top three candidates. The top overall are invited on the court. The selection committee votes again between the two candidates.

Voting:  Oct. 3 -7  

You help us decide!

Crowning:  Oct 11 at the Homecoming AirJam Event!

Learn who will be our Homecoming Royalty.

Congratulations to all our 2015 Royalty!

Michael Bruner, Sean Morgan, Michael Jackson, Joy Anderson, Maggie Moe, and Bianca Aspin

2015 Royalty