Homecoming Committee Members

Chair: Lisa Roseth, Executive Director of Alumni Engagement

Anna Abbott, Marketing Admin and Planning, Production & Traffic Coord.
Amanda Abrahamson, Grant Reporting Specialist
Michael Bauman
Becky Brenna, Enrollment Management Administrative Assistant
Stacy Deadrick, Head Coach Women's Basketball
Jennifer Derrick, Alumni Engagement Officer
Brooke Elvehjem
Bridget Goldenstein
Brittany Heilman, Asst. Director, Res. Life
Heidi Johnson, Librarian, First Year Information Literacy, Assistant Professor
Laura Johnson, Alumni Engagement Senior Officer
Elliott R. Johnston, Director of Res. Life
Brenda Kimlinger, Administrative Assistant of Alumni Engagement
Mary Meyer, Admissions Event Specialist
Jordon Moses, Student Activities Coordinator
Shae Nehiba, Interim Asst. Director of Res. Life
Megan Peterson
Elizabeth Simonson, Executive Director of Development
Mike Turner, Director of Safety and Security
Mara Upus, Student, Alumni Engagement Student Intern
Julie Zarba Fountaine, Wellness Coordinator

Ad hoc:

Mary Lee
Pam Olson