Homecoming 2016: Storm for President!

A Look Back at Homecoming 2016:  Oct. 10-15

Thanks to the many Saints, Sisters, family and friends who celebrated Homecoming 2016 and shared their school spirit!

Homecoming 2016 Photos

A Look Back at Homecoming 2015:  Sept. 28 - Oct. 3

Thank you to all the Saints who helped us celebrate Homecoming 2015! We had a fantastic week.

Homecoming 2015 Photos

Chair:  Carrie Krueger, Associate Director of Alumni Relations

Rebecca Brenna, Administrative Assistant, VP Enrollment Management
Stacy Deadrick, Head Coach, Women's Basketball
Anita Gille, Admin Specialist, Disability Services
Heidi Johnson, Librarian, First Year Information Literacy, Assistant Professor
Laurajae Johnson, Admissions Counselor
Elliott R. Johnston, Area Coordinator Residential Life
Brenda Kimlinger, Administrative Assistant, College Advancement
Joelle McGovern, Adjunct Faculty
Susha Olson, Saints Shop Manager
Wells Patton, Tennis Coach
Marisa Sanderson, Coordinator, Student Activities
Stephanie Sklors, Assistant Director/Upward Bound
Elizabeth Simonson, Executive Director of Development
Mike Turner, Manager, Safety & Security