Major Codes

As The College of St. Scholastica has changed through the years so have the programs and majors we offer. The guide below offers lists of our major codes with the full name of the major. We have organized the majors into two lists. The first list shows only some of the majors, grouped by similarity.   The second is a list of all major codes in alphabetical order.

Similar Majors

ART  Art INS Indian Studies
ADP Art Design and Photography ISA Indian Studies/Art
PHO Photography
BUS Business Administration MWD Marketing and Web Design
BCO Business Communication APM Applied Marketing
COM Communication MED Media
CTA Communication MDA Media Arts
CAT Communication & Theater Arts MDS Media Studies
CAL Communication Arts & Literature
OAW Oral & Written Communication NURSING
NPB Nursing
EDU Education NUR1 Nursing / Adult Practitioner
ECI Education Curriculum Instruction NUR9 Nursing / Advanced Practitioner
EDP Education. Physical NUR2 Nursing / Clinical Specialist
EDM Educational Media and Tech NUR6 Nursing / Family PMHNP
TEC Educational Technology NUR3 Nursing / Family Practitioner
ELE Elementary Education NUR7 Nursing / Gerontology Practitioner
EME Elementary/Middle Education NUR4 Nursing / Management
MSE Middle Secondary Education NUR5 Nursing / PMHNP
SED Science & Mathematics (PK-8) RNB RN to BA Nursing
SEC Secondary Education RNT RN to BA Nursing
SSC Social Science Secondary Education RNM RN to MA Nursing
TCH Teaching
ENG English DFN Dietetics, Food & Nutrition
ENS English HSD Health Science, Dietetics
LLE Language & Literature / English
EXP Exercise Physiology OLC Ojibwe Language & Culture EDU
EXS Exercise Science
HEALTH INFO PED Physical Therapy
HIA Health Information Administration PTH Physical Therapy
HIM Health Information Management
MRA Medical Records Administration RELIGIOUS STUDIES
MTE Medical Technology RED Religious Education
RES Religious Studies
HSC Health Science TRS Theology and Religious Studies
HSD Health Science, Dietetics
HSOT Health Sciences SPANISH
HSPT Health Sciences LLS Spanish
SPA Spanish
SPN Spanish


All Major Codes

ACC Accounting LLH Hispanic
ADP Art Design and Photography LLO Ojibwe
ADV Advertising LLS Spanish
APM Applied Marketing LSC Library Science
APR Advertising & Public Relations MDA Media Arts
ART  Art MDS Media Studies
BAM Behavioral Arts and Sciences MED Media
BAS Behavioral Arts and Sciences MGT Management
BCM Biochemistry MKT Marketing
BCO Business Communication MRA Medical Records Administration
BED Bilingual Education MSE Middle Secondary Education
BIO Biology MTE Medical Technology
BUS Business Administration MTH Mathematics
CAL Communication Arts & Literature MUS Music
CAT Communication & Theater Arts MWD Marketing and Web Design
CDA  Creative and Dramatic Arts NPB Nursing
CHM Chemistry NSC Natural Science
CIS Computer Science / Info. Systems NSG Nursing
CLS Clinical Laboratory Science NUR1 Nursing / Adult Practitioner
COM Communication NUR2 Nursing / Clinical Specialist
CST Catholic Studies NUR3 Nursing / Family Practitioner
CTA Communication NUR4 Nursing / Management
DFN Dietetics, Food & Nutrition NUR5 Nursing / PMHNP
DIE Dietetics NUR6 Nursing / Family PMHNP
DSM Design Management NUR7 Nursing / Gerontology Practitioner
ECI Education Curriculum Instruction NUR9 Nursing / Advanced Practitioner
ECN Economics OAW Oral & Written Communication
ECO Ecology ODB Organizational Behavior
ECS Applied Economics OLC Ojibwe Language & Culture EDU
EDM Educational Media and Tech OTH Occupational Therapy
EDP Education. Physical PED Physical Therapy
EDU Education PER Performance
ELE Elementary Education PHL Philosophy
EME Elementary/Middle Education PHO Photography
ENG English PHY Physician Assistant
ENS English PMN Pastoral Ministry
EXP Exercise Physiology PSY Psychology
EXS Exercise Science PTH Physical Therapy
FCS Family and Consumer Science PUB  Public Relations
FIN Finance RAD Radio & Television Broadcasting
FMT Fashion Management RED Religious Education
FSM Food Service Systems Management RES Religious Studies
GER Gerontology RNB RN to BA Nursing
GRA Graphic Design RNM RN to MA Nursing
HEC Home Economics RNT RN to BA Nursing
HIA Health Information Administration RTH Respiratory Therapy
HIM Health Information Management SCI Science
HIS History SDM Self-Designed Major
HSC Health Science SEC Secondary Education
HSD Health Science, Dietetics SED Science & Mathematics (PK-8)
HSM Health Services Management SOC Sociology
HSOT Health Sciences SPA Spanish
HSPT Health Sciences SPE Speech
HUM Humanities SPN Spanish
INS Indian Studies SRM Sports Management
INT International Management SSC Social Science Secondary Education
ISA Indian Studies/Art SSI Social Sciences
ISP International & Social Policy SWK Social Work
ITL IT Leadership TCH Teaching
JOU Journalism TEC Educational Technology
JRL Journalism THE Theatre
LAN Language THM Theatre Management
LAW Law TRS Theology and Religious Studies
LIS Language & International Studies VIS Visual Media
LLE Language & Literature / English WMS Women's Studies
LLF French YMN Youth Ministry 
LLG German