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HEDS Alumni Survey

About the HEDS Alumni Survey

In June 2018, The College of St. Scholastica participated in the Alumni Survey developed by the Higher Education Data Sharing Consortium (HEDS).

The survey asks two alumni cohorts - 5 and 10 years after graduation - about the quality and impact of student educational experiences, including co-curricular activities such as internships, study abroad, and community service. The survey also asks students to evaluate the impact of undergraduate education on postgraduate critical thinking, problem solving, and other learning outcomes, postgraduate employment, college satisfaction, and college debt. Finally, 12 CSS specific questions were added to the main survey to ascertain alumni connection to the College, alumni activities, being prepared to live and work in a diverse and global world, donating to CSS, and receiving information from CSS.

Participation was voluntary, and there were no penalties if not to participating or skipping any questions. All responses were strictly confidential (responses will not be publicly linked with names or any other identifying information).

2018 HEDS Alumni Survey results 

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