SaintsRiseUp Safe Return | Campus Reopening Updates


1. If you witness or are notified that there is a person on campus with a weapon, call 9-1-1 immediately and provide the following information.

a. Your name

b. Your location

c. Phone # from where they are calling

d. Name of the suspect(s) if known

e. Location of the suspect(s)

f. Type of weapon(s)

g. Is the weapon being used to threaten someone?

h. Direction of travel

2. Take no action that would jeopardize your personal safety.

3. If the suspect threatens you with the weapon, do not try to disarm him/her. Back away with your arms up.

4. Attempt to alert others.

5. Ask all witness to stay until the police arrive.

6. Provide campus security and/or the Duluth Police Department with the following information:

a. Name of the suspect(s) if known

b. Location of the suspect(s) or direction of travel if they have left the area

c. Description of suspect(s)

d. Type of weapon(s)