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Medical Emergency

Minor Injury or Illness:

1. Call Campus Security immediately at telephone extension 6175.(Campus Security will assess the situation and provide emergency first aid).

  • Administer first aid and keep the victim calm and comfortable as possible until Campus Security arrives.

Serious Injury or Illness:

1. If you come upon or are notified of a serious injury or illness, call 9-1-1immediately and provide the following information.

a. Your name

b. Your location

c. Phone # from where they are Calling

d. Location of Emergency

e. Type of Emergency

f. Number of Persons injured or ill

g. Age of the Person(s)

h. Gender of the Person(s)

i. Is the Person(s) Conscious?

j. Is the person(s) breathing?

k. Is there first aid care being administered

2. Do not move a seriously injured or ill person unless a more serious life-threatening situation may develop (i.e., falling debris,fire, electrical hazard, explosion).

3. Keep the victim still and comfortable and provide first aid care until help arrives.

4. Look for emergency medical I.D. (bracelet or necklace) and give all information on the emergency to Campus Security and/or paramedics.

5. Send someone to meet and escort emergency personnel to the scene.

6. Clear the area of onlookers.

Note: An injury or illness could be more serious than it first appears, so don't hesitate to call for assistance. Do not attempt to treat or transport the person.