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SaintsRiseUp Safe Return Information for Students

From academics to residence life, here is the information that students need to know about our SaintsRiseUp Safe Return plan. For further details, see this communication for students from Vice President for Student Affairs Steve Lyons and Vice President for Academic Affairs Ryan Sandefer. And here is a letter from Dean of Students Megan Perry-Spears outlining expected preparation for the academic year and behavior once classes start.


  • Fall courses are scheduled as planned, with classes starting on Tuesday, Sept. 8
  • The fall semester schedule is subject to change in response to COVID-19 circumstances.
  • Classes will be offered in a variety of modalities, including in-person, remote learning, or hybrid (in-person and online) delivery methods.
  • Classrooms will comply with 6-foot physical distancing between individuals.
  • Masks/face coverings will be worn in all classrooms and public spaces by students, faculty, and staff. The Center for Equal Access will provide face shields for faculty who have Deaf/hard of hearing students in their classes.
  • All classrooms will include hand sanitizer stations and cleaning supplies. 
  • All meetings (e.g. advising, department, etc.) should be conducted via remote technology (e.g. Zoom) unless in-person work is required. 
  • An approval process for holding events on campus will be required to ensure the programming meets safety standards. 
  • We are strongly discouraging travel during the fall semester. Protocols are being developed and will be communicated. 

Academic Accommodations

Students with a chronic medical condition or disability that pose barriers to your full participation in academic or residential environments in the fall due to COVID-19 are asked to contact the Center for Equal Access. Those who are new to the Center, please complete the Students New to Accommodations Form to begin the process. Students who are already connected to the Center for Equal Access can submit a Supplemental Accommodation Form.

Housing and Residential Life

  • Minnesota Department of Health guidelines state that two people can safely be housed per bedroom.
  • While the College's two-year requirement for on-campus living is still in effect, there is a new commuter and cancellation request option for those with concerns related to COVID-19. The Residential Life team is handling each request on a case-by-case basis.  
  • First-year/new student move-in date is Friday, Sept. 4, starting at 9 a.m., and the move-in date for returning students is Saturday, Sept. 5, starting at 9 a.m
  • Our visitor/guest policy for residential students is based on current conditions and recommendations from the Minnesota Department of Health, and will be adjusted as the semester goes on
  • Please contact Residential Life at 218-723-6391 or with any questions.

Campus Facilities

  • The Facilities Team has been working to evaluate classroom and lab spaces and is working directly with the Registrar's Office for usage that follows physical distancing best practices of 6 feet between students.
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be installed in all classrooms.
  • Health and safety signage will be placed around campus buildings, and will be available in the Copy Center for departments that need them.
  • Bottles of sanitizer and paper towels will be available in classrooms and common areas, as well as for departmental use.

Health and Safety

  • Student Health Service (SHS) staff is working with Essentia Health, Mayo Clinic, University of Minnesota and the Minnesota Department of Health to create processes and gather supplies and resources for COVID-19 testing of students and employees. Campus housing has been designated for isolation and quarantine. 
  • SHS staff is following CDC guidelines for repopulating the Campus Fall 2020.
  • SHS will perform telephone triage for appointments. No walk-ins available.

International Student Services

  • Students will be provided with CDC guidance for travel, including links to guidance and travel restrictions and will be offered 1:1 travel planning by the Office of International Programs.
  • Students will be asked to self-isolate and monitor symptoms for 14 days and until they are tested and negative test results are returned.

Athletics/Rec Sports

  • The Saints Athletics Return to Campus Group is developing a timeline and protocols for the return of fall preseason student-athletes.
  • Athletics is monitoring recommendations and guidelines from NCAA, UMAC, MDH, CDC, and NATA to determine protocols. 
  • A phasing, testing, screening, sterilization, quarantine, contact tracing, and compliance plan for all athletics staff and student-athletes is in development.
  • The use of any facility will need approval and there will be limited access to athletic facilities and common areas. Strict game management protocol is also being developed.
  • Virtual meetings are encouraged whenever possible and feasible.

Online/Extended Campuses

  • Online students will continue to have courses in the same modality and should contact their advisor or faculty member with any questions or concerns.
  • Students, faculty and staff on extended campuses will follow the same guidelines as on the main campus, including wearing face coverings and physical distancing. 
  • For St. Scholastica's embedded campuses, recommendations will follow the guidance of partner institutions.


Current CDC and MDH guidelines will be in effect. The dining rooms have been reconfigured for safety, enhanced sanitation procedures are in place, to-go options will be available at every location to encourage social distancing and employees are screened on a daily basis. Employees will also undergo COVID-19 Safety Training prior to their return to work.

Alert Level

Current status:

Level 1: Low

Learn more about the College's Alert Levels.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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