Why is the College doing this?

We want to raise our statewide visibility as a means of strengthening our brand. The State Fair represents a unique marketing opportunity, drawing visitors from throughout the state and Upper Midwest. Some of our peer institutions are already there.

What's expected of me in the booth?

To represent the College with enthusiasm. During your four-hour shift, you'll be visited by dozens, perhaps hundreds, of fairgoers, ranging from alumni to prospective students and their parents, to complete strangers just looking for freebies. We'll provide talking points for you to use in dialogue. But you won't have to operate from a script. Just communicate your affection for St. Scholastica!

If I'm faculty or staff, do I have to take the time off as vacation?

You need to have permission from your supervisor or department head to keep your pay whole.

I'm an hourly employee. Will I be paid for travel time?

No, but with your supervisor's approval your pay will be kept "whole" - you'll receive a normal day's pay.

Can I use a staff car?

If one is available, yes.

What about mileage reimbursement for my personal car?

The College will provide gas reimbursement up to $40. Be sure to keep your receipt; you'll need to submit it to be reimbursed. Any amount spent on gas beyond $40 is your responsibility.

What if I'm staying overnight?

We do not plan to reimburse for lodging.

What about parking costs?

We will not reimburse for parking. Free parking is available away from the fairgrounds, with free shuttle service to the fair.  For park and ride information, visit MN State Fair's Park and Ride website.

How will I get my fair ticket and my T-shirt?

They'll be distributed to you ahead of time, in person or by mail.

Who do I contact if I have an emergency and can't make my shift?

Contact the Marketing Department at (218) 625-4499 or mmark@css.edu.

Can I sign up with a friend?

Sure! Each person needs to sign up individually online - coordinate with your friend to get the same shift. We need two people minimum per shift, three people maximum.

How do I sign up?

Registration opens in April 2019.

Is my online registration information protected?

Yes, and we will not disperse your information to anyone.

What if I have problems using the online registration?

Contact the Marketing Department at (218) 625-4499 or mmark@css.edu.

I still have questions. Who can help me?

Contact the Marketing Department at (218) 625-4499 or mmark@css.edu.

If we have difficulty filling some shifts, exceptions may be made to these guidelines.