The College of St. Scholastica

Computing Policies

Tips to Reduce Printing

For Students

Students should copy and paste Internet text into Word. This eliminates printing unwanted banner ads and other items that sometimes cause a print job to run a page over.

In Microsoft Office, students should do as much editing as possible before printing a copy. Utilize the Spelling and Grammar options along with Print Preview before printing.

Print Preview verifies the number of pages that will be printed so blank pages can be caught before they are printed out.

Print Preview also works in browsers.  Browsers have a tendency to print unneeded material on the last page. Under File, Print, there is an option to choose which pages should be printed out.

To avoid printing any banners at the bottom of any pages, go to File, Print Preview and count the number of pages that should be printed. Then, under File, Print, in the Print Range area, choose the pages to print out instead of printing All pages.

In PowerPoint, under File, Print, change the Print what: option to print Handouts instead of Slides. This option will print multiple slides per page. Within File, Print, they should also click on the Properties button and choose to print on both sides of the page.
To reduce printing time, students should remove any non-essential graphics from the presentation. They can also go to the Slide Design task pane and choose a blank background. Finally, they can click on an image, choose the Compress Pictures button to reduce the memory-size of all images in the presentation.
Students need to shut down or restart any lab computer they use. If the computer is not properly shut down, the previous user is still logged in that computer. This means, if another student had a few minutes and wanted to check their e-mail or surf the web, they could potentially go to that computer since it is already on. If they print anything from that computer, the previous user will be charged for those pages.

Burn PowerPoint presentations or other large files onto a CD to hand in to the instructor. The students could continually add files to their CDs throughout the semester and create a portfolio for the faculty member and/or themselves.

Use the duplexer in the Computer Labs so you are able to print on both sides of a piece of paper. Printing on both sides of one page will only be charged as one metered page of printing.  Duplexing is turned on as the default.  To shut it off if you want to print on one side only, go to Print/properties/print on both sides - "No".

If students have a group project which requires a printout, have one student e-mail the rest of the group with the file attached to it. Then, print out the file in sections i.e. Student 1 prints pages 1-10, Student 2 prints pages 11-20, etc.