The College of St. Scholastica

Computing Policies

Printing Policy


The CSS IT Department worked with Student Senate to create a system to discourage waste while minimizing printing costs for students.  By reducing printing and fairly allocating costs, the print metering system is consistent with the College's mission which calls for students, faculty, and staff to be accountable to both self and society. 

Number of Free Pages and Costs Thereafter

Your account will start out with a credit of 500 pages every semester.  Each single page you print will be deducted from your quota, and you will be deducted one page for a double-sided print. You will be billed five cents per page in excess of your quota.  This applies to color page prints, as well.  

Checking Print Status

Log in here with your Cor username and password to view job history and remaining quota.  Please note that this link will only work on campus.  


The computer labs are setup to duplex by default.

To change your printing options if you do not want print on both sides:

  1. Go to File, Print...
  2. Click on the Properties button next to the printer name.
  3. Click on the Printing Shortcuts tab
  4. Click No to say that you do not want to print double sided.

Color Printing

Faculty and Staff college-related color print jobs should be printed at the Copy Center, which is located in the receiving area of the Tower building (T2634). For Faculty and Staff, this will be charged directly to their department account and the department will be billed monthly.

Students can print in color in two locations: the hallway outside of the Micro Lab in T-2410 and the Science Commons Lab S-3114. Color prints will be deducted from the student's semester quota at a rate of one page per printout. Please ask the TA at the Help Desk in T-2410 or at x5911 to release color print jobs for you. In order to prevent jobs from being sent to the color printers by accident, they are not printed until released by a TA. Any print jobs that haven't been released after two hours are automatically deleted.

Wireless and ResNet Printing to Computer Lab Printers

Print wirelessly using our Email to Print feature.  Send your PDF files directly to the desired printer by following these instructions.

Other Items People Should Know...

Print metering affects everyone, including Extended Campus students.

All summer accounts created for individuals or groups will also be subjected to a limit of 500 free printouts in the computer labs. Departments will need to call the Help Desk to request a computer account for a summer group. Accounts can be set up so groups are unable to print. Accounts can also be disabled at any time, by calling the Help Desk, if student groups are abusing their printing privileges.

Remember to shut down or restart any lab computer you may have used. If you do not properly shut down your computer, you are still logged in that computer, and that is a security risk. It also means that anyone could potentially print from your account. You will be charged for those pages if this should occur.