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Here at the Center for Instructional Design, we want to offer you a variety of useful ways to learn how to integrate technology and pedagogy. With our strong focus on pedagogy and expertise on technology, we're able to help you turn your subject expertise into the best possible form for your students, whether they're on campus, blended, or entirely online. CID offers large group trainings, self-guided instructions, instructional video, individual consultations, and more.

January 2020 20 Minute Workshops

Academic Technology Institute

Every May and August, we offer an Academic Technology Institute.

View Recordings & Resources from past ATIs:

August 2019 ATI

August 2018 ATI

May 2018 mini ATI

January 2018 mini ATI

May 2017 mini ATI

August 2017 ATI

Teach @ CSS with Blackboard & Other Technologies

This fully online course series is offered several times per year, aligned with the semester start dates. The courses are two weeks each.

This series helps new and experienced faculty develop the knowledge and skills to teach at CSS using available technology tools including Blackboard, Zoom, Google Drive, VoiceThread and YouTube. Faculty and staff will complete most of the activities in a cohort with their peers.

Go to the course site to learn more.

CID Events Calendar

This calendar shows any CID-sponsored events or classes taught by CID. We'll also place Blackboard due dates and blackout notices.

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