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Providing Feedback

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Specific. Timely. Constructive.

What is 'Good' Feedback?

According to  the 2016 Turnitin Survey From Here to There: Students' Perceptions of Feedback Goals, Barriers, and Effectiveness (learn more here about Turnitin here), 78% of students believe that teacher feedback is "very" or "extremely important", but they face challenges in receiving it and using it. Tips for Feedback:

  1. Connect feedback to student goals
  2. Give suggestions and examples (constructive)
  3. Be specific/focused (don't overwhelm with too much)
  4. Highlight what was done well

Feedback must also be timely. Feedback provided at the end of the course or on an assignment at the end of a unit of content is no longer relevant students because they are already moving on to the next class or subject. However, 60% of students are likely to use feedback if they receive it during the task (, 2016) . This leads us into the topic of Formative vs. Summative Feedback. 

Instructor Feedback

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