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Create Your Own Video: Record from Webcam | Upload to YouTube

Find Video Online:  Best Video Sites for Teachers

Why Use Video?

The online learning environment presents unique challenges because traditional face-to-face opportunities for interaction are not available. However, students still want to have a sense of community in their online courses and ‘see’ their instructor. One way instructors can facilitate community is by establishing "presence" in their courses through the use of multimedia tools. Multimedia allows students to hear and see you; hearing and seeing you gives them more of a sense of you as a person than simply reading emails. 


Rules regarding accessibility of educational materials to learners of all abilities apply to use of video, audio and images in online courses. To create compliant media, instructors should generate transcripts for audio and closed captioning for videos. When embedding images in a Blackboard activity, a PowerPoint file, or a Word document, instructors should include descriptive text. Go to the Accessibility page for more on this topic.

Creating Your Own Video

Record from Webcam

The easiest way to record from your webcam is to use the following free options: Movie Maker (Windows users) or Photo Booth (MAC Users). Once you've recorded your video and made any edits necessary, you will upload your saved video to your CSS YouTube account (see below for more information).  Before you record you first video, we recommend that you review these best practices from Kent State University, Best Practices for Recording from Webcam. An alternative option is to to use Screencast-O-Matic which is also a great tool for capturing images/videos of your screen (see more about Screencast-O-Matic).

If you have an iOS or Android phone, you can record videos with your phone's camera and upload them with the YouTube App.


YouTubeYour CSS gmail account comes with a YouTube account that you can use to create, store and share videos with your students or other faculty. YouTube allows you to upload an already-created video using the Record from Webcam instructions above or from a mobile device. There is also a closed captioning feature that is important for creating ADA compliant instructional materials. Use your Cor login to access your account. Before publishing any videos, be sure to read YouTube’s Policy Center for important information about privacy, prohibited practices, and other topics.