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About Turnitin

Turnitin is an easy to use application for checking originality of student writing and giving feedback to students. Turnitin is embedded in Blackboard for ease of collecting assignments, grading, and sharing feedback with students..

Turnitin Features

Turnitin Antiplagiarism Guide from the CSS Library

Click here to see the LibGuide on using Turnitin.

Blackboard Integration

Try the NEW embedded Turnitin assignments in Blackboard

In January 2018, CSS integrated Turnitin into Blackboard, reducing the need for a separate account and grading in Turnitin and Blackboard. This new process allows for creating Turnitin assignments and providing feedback, with grades appearing in the Blackboard Grade Center.

How to Integrate?

  1. Create a new Turnitin assignment in Blackboard.
  2. The Turnitin grading and feedback process is now done through Blackboard, but remains the same.

Learn more
Turnitin's quick guide to adding assignments in Blackboard.

Quick Guide to Feedback Studio
Navigation in Feedback Studio
Viewing and Interpreting the Similarity Report
Commenting Tools
File Types