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Recording Student Presentations

Interested in recording your student presentations? This can be a great way to give detailed feedback or to help keep an archive of past presentations.

We recommend using Zoom to record student presentations. It's easy to set up and use, allows for easy recording and sharing, and is available to everyone at CSS.

Getting started

1. Download and set up Zoom. You can find detailed instructions and ask ATOL for help on this page.

2. Practice setting up a Zoom Room and recording both the computer screen and webcam. We can help you practice. Email or click here to sign up for an appointment with our office hours in Science 1206. 

Recording a Student Presentation

Before Class:

1. Set up a Zoom Session for the date and time you want to record

2. Invite your students to the session

During Class

1. Start the session and activate the recording feature. 

2. Have the presenting student join the session and share their screen to capture slide presentations.

3. When the student is done presenting, have them exit the session.  

4. When you are done recording, click the "End Recording" button. (If you want to have a different recording per student, you will need to start and stop the recording per student.)

After Class

1. Find your recordings (They are either on your computer if you chose the "record locally" setting or on your account on the Zoom website if you chose the "record to cloud" setting.

2. You can upload the local recordings to YouTube or Google Drive for easy sharing or share the Cloud recordings directly from your account on the Zoom website


Email with any questions.