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Classroom Polls and Quizzes


Zoom offers polling! In a Zoom session, the host can add polls to ask attendees questions pertaining to the presentation.

Getting started:

  • Begin by selecting "Edit" under "Polls" for the specific webinar you wish to add a poll to.
  • Add questions to the first poll you have available. (max of 10 questions per poll)
  • There are two types of questions (single answer; pollees can only select one answer, or multiple choice).
  • After selecting "save" the poll will save. During the Webinar, all questions under a single poll will be asked at once. You can create additional polls to ask questions at a different point in time during the Webinar.
  • Once the Webinar starts, you can select "Polls" to prepare to launch the poll. You will have the ability to edit the poll at this point in time as well.
  • Once you select "Launch Poll" users will be prompted to answer the polling questions. You will be given notifications of when users answers and what they answer live during the poll.
  • Once the poll has ended, you will be able to view the results and share them with the attendees to share overall opinion on questions.

Google Slides Q&A:

When using Google Slides, presenter can start live Q&A sessions with the audience. You can present questions at any time and people can ask questions from any device. This is a very simple tool and no need to set-up an account. It works right from within Google Slides. 

Getting Started:

More tools to explore: Socrative, Quizizz, Mentimeter

Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere Logo

Poll Everywhere has both a free basic account and more robust paid options. In the free version, users can respond to poll questions via mobile phones, Twitter, or a web browser. Responses can be seen live on a web browser or within a PowerPoint presentation. Some of the premium features with a paid account include larger audience sizes, multiple account users, team competitions, reports, grading, and technical support.

Getting Started:


Kahoot Logo

Kahoot! allows online quizzing, discussion, and surveys. Currently, you can sign up for a free account right from the home page. Once you've created your account and your first activity, users can participate using a web browser on a computer or mobile device. The account owner simply starts the activity from their account page and broadcasts it on a shared screen (Adobe Connect, classroom projector, etc) and players see a Game PIN. They navigate to and enter the PIN to start playing. Players can be anonymous by entering a nickname to display. For quizzes, correct answers show right away and players can see their rankings compared to classmates. Images and YouTube videos can be embedded as well.

Getting Started:

REEF Polling by i>clicker

Reef is the mobile version of iClickers. Instead of purchasing a remote students purchase the REEF Polling app. Students can then participate using their mobile devices. Students now have a choice to purchase the remote or purchase the mobile app. 

REEF Polling by i>clicker - The new mobile optimized engagement solution from Macmillan New Ventures on Vimeo.

Getting Started:



i>clicker allows users to respond anonymously to questions during a class or presentation using a keypad that broadcasts to a receiver. The results can be displayed instantly, allowing instructors and presenters to obtain immediate feedback.

Getting Started:

  • Add interactivity to your classroom lectures by incorporating polling questions, even if you are teaching a large lecture class with hundreds of students
  • Conduct formative assessments of students' comprehension of course content
  • Contact the Help Desk if you need to check out iClickers.