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VoiceThread is a unique online presentation and conversation space that can be used by everyone at CSS. Anyone can create or upload a presentation in VoiceThread so that viewers can ask questions or respond to discussion prompts.

VoiceThread conversations are visual and provide you with the option to comment from your computer using your voice (with a microphone), video (with a webcam), or text (with your keyboard). The conversations are delayed, providing you with the flexibility to work around your schedule, and take time to reflect before responding.

Getting Started with VoiceThread

It's easy to get started with VoiceThread! We've assembled a webpage with tutorials, videos, and other instructions. Click here to check out the VoiceThread Information Page.

Some ways to integrate VoiceThread into your course:

  • Student Presentations
  • Discussions
  • Group Projects
  • Video Clips
  • Online Lectures
  • Peer Feedback

If you have questions, please contact us at

A classroom enhanced with VoiceThread

Q&A with Gail Gaetz, Assistant Professor of Education

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1. How have you used VoiceThread in your classes?

I have been using VT in a variety of ways in my online courses. I record a video announcement that can be viewed by students at the beginning of each week in my online courses. I also use VT for some of our online class discussions that we have during the courses. They can select what form of communication (webcam, microphone, phone, text) they have available to post their responses to these VT discussions. Students create Voice Thread presentations instead of a written assignment for a major assignment in some of my courses.

2. What makes VoiceThread a valuable tool in your classroom?

VT provides a way to communicate asynchronously via text, microphone, webcam, or phone. Some students are more adept at speaking than writing and enjoy the opportunity to do so. You can also upload PowerPoint presentations, web pages, images, or other files that you can then create narration in VT for mini lectures or discussions. VT is easy to use for both instructors and students. Plus the College offers numerous workshops to learn how to use it. All of your VT presentations can be embedded in Blackboard or in the cloud at Voice Thread's site for future use.

3. What do your students think of VoiceThread?

I think students appreciate the ability to communicate in a variety of formats. My online students rarely meet each other face-to-face, so I think they enjoy seeing and talking with each other online. Since most of my students are working adults, they also appreciate being able to do discussions asynchronously as their busy and varied schedules allow. I also believe they appreciate being able to use technology to create some of their course work. Since most of my current students are pre-service or practicing teachers, VT provides another tool that they might consider using in their own classrooms. After using VT in my classes, many of my students find uses for using VT with their own students.

Watch this Ten-Minute Tip and see how VoiceThread can be a great alternative to a Blackboard Discussion!
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