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About Google Drive

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Google Drive is a cloud-based file storage and synchronization service. Users can upload and share files of most types with each other, as well as collaborate in the development of documents ("docs"), presentations("slides"), drawings, and spreadsheets ("sheets). Google Drive also has live forms; submitted responses are saved in a Google sheet.

Where to Find Your Google Drive

Access to Google Drive comes with your CSS Gmail account. Log into your CSS Gmail account and click the checkerboard box on the upper right corner of the screen to find the link to access your Drive.

Example Uses

  • Example #1: Student Wiki
    • Create a document that includes all the instructions/information for students
    • Share with students in group
    • From Share screen, copy link and email this link to students
    • ‘See Revision History' under File menu to see what each student contributed
  • Example #2: Cloud Storage
    • Upload any files/folders that you want to have access to anywhere
  • Example #3: Share with colleagues
    • Create a document/powerpoint/spreadsheet
    • Share with colleagues
    • Work in document at the same time without ever needing to save or email