Teach @ CSS with Blackboard & Other Technologies

 This fully online course series is offered several times per year, aligned with the semester start dates. Courses are two weeks each.

This series helps new and experienced faculty develop the knowledge and skills to teach at CSS using available technology tools including Blackboard, Zoom, Google Drive, VoiceThread, and YouTube. Faculty and staff will complete most of the activities in cohort with their peers.

Go to the Course Site to learn more.

Self-paced online course (Instructor Resource - Teaching with Blackboard)

Faculty are already enrolled in this course and staff can be added upon request. This course is divided into sections and short topics that allow you to start and stop anywhere at your own convenience. There are 4 sections: Boot Camp is designed to help you feel comfortable navigating Blackboard and using various tools; Unit 1 shows you how to use communication tools; Unit 2 discusses options for adding content; Unit 3 shows you how to create and manage assessments; and Unit 4 goes in depth on how to make grading faster and easier. Contact Amy Nelson for more information.

A January upgrade of Blackboard will provide you with new and useful features for Spring semester. Here are a few highlights:

  • Streamlined mobile device navigation of course menus
  • Discussion board "replies to me" filter to view new posts
  • Rubric auto-save for instructor grading
  • Improvements in providing and viewing instructor feedback annotations on assignments
  • Send student reminders from the Grade Center
  • Time saving Grade Center cleanup using multiple column delete options
  • Here is a link to our feature guide.

The upgrade will also support improved maintenance capability. We will provide more information as we get closer to the upgrade date: January 5th. If you have any questions, please contact Academic Technologies at atol@css.edu