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The College of St. Scholastica Living Our Values Award

Award presentation by Patrica Pratt-Cook

Recognizing the excellence all around us

The people who make CSS excellent are all around us, working hard every day to make St. Scholastica a better place. Each year, we present The College of St. Scholastica's Living Our Values Award to honor faculty and staff who embody the Benedictine values in their work.

Living Our Values Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the excellence of faculty and staff who support and further the College’s mission of preparing students for responsible living and meaningful work by exemplifying the Benedictine values in their work at the College. This award serves to highlight the importance of living our values within the College community and to continue to promote our value-based foundation.

To receive this award a case must be made that the candidate demonstrates leadership in one or more of the following areas:

  • Consistently and with sustained effort (not shorter than two years) models one or more of the Benedictine values adopted by the College in their daily work
  • Interacts with people in their day-to-day work exemplifying the Benedictine values of the College
  • Has a positive impact on other members of the College community

Nomination information

Complete the nomination form to recommend a colleague for The College of St. Scholastica's Living Our Values Award. Before completing the form, please contact the candidate to determine whether he/she is willing to be nominated.

Tips for writing a strong nomination. Keep these in mind as you put your nomination together:

1. Spell out the details of the person’s accomplishments

Remember that the committee reviewing recommendations can only base its decision on what you submit. Take your time to be specific. Help the committee understand what this person has done. Imagine that none of them has ever met your nominee before, and go from there.

It is important that you provide evidence that supports the criteria for your nomination. This evidence should be included in the nomination letter as well as the letter of support. The list below provides examples of the types of evidence that should be provided:

  • A clear description of the specific initiatives, demonstrated qualities, or actions by the nominee as they relate to the criteria
  • Direct and indirect evidence of the impact on student experience or the work of others at St. Scholastica
  • Description and samples of work to demonstrate how the nominee lives our values in their work
  • Any additional evidence supporting the nomination

2. Be clear and concise. Give specific examples that support the award that you think your nominee represents

Remember, you want to show that your nominee is an all-around talented individual, so give examples of that person’s accomplishments throughout the last year; don’t just focus on one specific accomplishment.

Nomination letters shouldn't exceed 500 words.

3. Provide a supporting letter

One letter of support must also be submitted. Ask people who have worked with your nominee in different capacities to write a letter of support. Look for colleagues past and present and/or students who worked for or with the person who might be interested in contributing. The nominee’s supervisor is also a good person to ask to write a letter of support.

Supporting letters shouldn't exceed 500 words (1 page).

4. Use specific and descriptive wording

Don’t just say that “John did a good job of planning the department’s event,” but be detailed! For example, “John’s work in planning the department’s event involved meeting individually with each office and with students to understand their needs. From here, he collaborated with those same offices to make this year’s event an increased success, and better attended (over 300 people came), than ever before.”

5. Don’t forget the deadline!

It can be a challenge to find the time to put a really good nomination together, all before the nomination process ends. But remember that your hard work will be worth it, so plan ahead!

6. Upload all your supporting documents

All supporting documents must be submitted online and converted into pdf files to upload and attach to the nomination form. Once the nomination has been submitted, additional supporting documents cannot be added. Please be sure to submit all of the supporting documents at the same time that you submit the nomination.

Deadline for accepting nominations is March 20, 2020.

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