Awards and Recognitions

Human virtue is strengthened when we practice it, and is most easily practiced when we see it modeled in others. For that reason, the College honors distinctive achievements in the work and activities of faculty and staff members.

These award recipients are innovating, creating, excelling and caring. They build community by leading through service.

The Excellence Awards

The College of St. Scholastica Excellence Awards honor faculty and staff who embody the excellence we all strive toward.

Scholarly and Creative Activity

Arshia KhanThe 2014 Scholarly and Creative Activity Award recipient is Arshia Khan, department chair and associate professor of the School of Business and Technology. This award goes to an outstanding member of the faculty whose exceptional merit in scholarly and creative activity provides a worthy example to peers. The award also serves as a means to highlight the collective work of the faculty in conducting significant scholarship that improves teaching and learning at the College.

The recipient shows distinction as a scholar, impacts people beyond St. Scholastica, has demonstrated sound scholarship and creative productivity, and has a record demonstrating evidence of critical reviews, grants, inclusion of works in permanent collections, retrospectives and other forms of external recognition and acclaim.

Advising and Mentoring

Renee SaamanenThe 2014 Excellence Award for Advising and Mentoring recipient is Renee Saamanen, online student advisor. This award recognizes and affirms the significant role of staff and faculty advising and mentoring in forming the minds and shaping the lives of students. While all staff and faculty members are expected to advise and mentor students in an effective and informed manner, this award recognizes those individuals whose efforts extend well beyond such expectations.

The recipient demonstrates leadership in knowledge, active involvement with students, and interpersonal skills/sensitivity, and makes a positive and lasting impact on students’ lives before and after they leave the College.

Service to College

Roberta FrankovichThe 2014 Excellence in Service to College Award recipient is Roberta Frankovich, third shift housekeeper. This award recognize individuals who have provided outstanding service to the College, including both ad hoc and formal activities within the department, school and College.

The recipient demonstrates leadership in engaging with and encouraging others to engage in professional development opportunities available to faculty and staff, sharing teaching excellence knowledge/skills in his/her discipline with others either formally or informally, being available for interviews with prospective students and their families and participating in recruitment fairs or activities, and service on ad hoc working or discussion groups not formally recognized as standing committees at the College, among other activities.

Service to Community

Tony BarrettThe 2014 Excellence in Service to Community Award recipient is Tony Barrett, economics professor. This award recognizes demonstrably important contributions to the community through service work that is reflective of the College's mission. The recipient demonstrates leadership in service to the community, including civic and professional organizations, actively works with community organizations to solve a shared problem, has consistently made a significant positive impact beyond the College and within the larger community, is actively recognized for his or her community service, and has made a major contribution to the community by creating and supporting innovative programs to meet specific needs, improve health status and enhance quality of life.

Living Our Values

Leigh BranovanThe 2014 Excellence Award for Living Our Values recipient is Leigh Branovan, Student Support Services counselor. This award recognizes excellence of faculty and staff who support and further the College's mission of preparing students for responsible living and meaningful work by exemplifying the Benedictine values in their work at the College. This award serves to highlight the importance of living our values within the College community, and to continue to promote our value-based foundation. The recipient demonstrates leadership by consistently and with sustained effort modeling one or more of the Benedictine values adopted by the College in their daily work, interacts with people in their day-to-day work exemplifying the Benedictine values of the College, and has a positive impact on other members of the College community

Inclusive Excellence

Scott HoldenThe 2014 Inclusive Excellence Award recipient is Scott Holden, collections coordinator. This award recognizes the outstanding achievements of an individual, team, department or school in the College community who advanced equity, diversity and inclusion at the College through dedication and exemplary leadership in providing services for diverse populations, fostering an inclusive environment inside/outside of the classroom and/or addressing equity. The recipient demonstrates leadership in serving as a role model by promoting/reflecting equity, diversity and inclusion, and championed the ideals of equity, diversity and inclusion and an environment free from bias and discrimination. The recipient has taken action to identify and address systemic barriers to full participation in College life and supports the College community to be an inclusive and welcoming learning, working and living environment.

The Tassie McNamara Award

Mary Alice CarlsonThe 2014 Tassie McNamara Award recipient is Mary Alice Carlson, psychology instructor. This is the highest honor presented by the student body to a faculty or staff member.

The award recognizes those who exemplify the spirit of St. Benedict through administrating, teaching or working at the College. First awarded in 1994, it promotes the unselfish spirit of the Benedictine tradition and is intended to show students’ gratitude toward those individuals who possess the unselfish spirit of the Benedictine tradition.

Candidates must be recommended by a currently enrolled student and be endorsed by a petition of at least 25 student signatures. Candidates are reviewed by a Student Senate committee, whose members choose the recipient.

The Max H. Lavine Award

LeAnn HouseThe 2014 Max H. Lavine Award recipient is LeAnn House, professor of music. This is the highest award for teaching excellence at the College. It is given annually to a faculty member who demonstrates a commitment to furthering the mission of the College through value-oriented teaching in the Benedictine tradition. The recipient’s personal qualities enhance the teaching/learning environment, including pedagogical excellence, the love of one’s academic discipline, enthusiasm, fairness, and respect for students and peers.

Nominations are made by faculty members and academic schools. The candidates are considered by a selection committee comprised of past Lavine Awardees and the vice president for academic affairs. The award is announced, and a $1,500 stipend and award memento given, at the May faculty-staff appreciation luncheon.  The recipient gives the Convocation address in the following fall.

The Benedictine Professorship Award

Bret AmundsonThe 2014 Benedictine Professorship Award recipient is Bret Amundson. The award recognizes excellence in teaching in the General Education Program.  The recipient is awarded an honorarium of $1,000 and holds the title for a term of one year.

The recipient demonstrates a pattern of excellence in teaching in general education and consistently excite students’ passions for learning in general education courses. Obligations of the recipient include attending a conference focusing on general education at the College’s expense, serving as an advocate or consultant for general education through the year of appointment, and hosting an event of his or her choosing which promotes general education.

Applications are reviewed by the General Education Committee, which recommends two to three candidates for the award to the Academic Council. The Council makes the final selection.

The Equal Access Award

Diane Holliday WelshThe 2014 Equal Access Award recipient is Diane Holliday-Welsh, assistant professor of Occupational Therapy. This award recognizes faculty who exhibit exemplary effort to engage students with disabilities in academic and interpersonal growth and development. 

Students registered with the Center for Equal Access are asked to nominate a faculty person who has made a difference in their experience as a student with a disability.   Emphasis is given to recognizing supportive activities that challenge the traditional belief of disability as a deficiency and encourage students to reach above and beyond through education and understanding.  

New - The Vivat Volunteer Award

The Vivat Volunteer Award will recognize faculty and staff at the department level who volunteer at the College for campus-wide events such as Homecoming; student activities such as chaperoning dances and Community Day; or beautifying the campus through the gardens or clean-up initiatives.

The goal is to increase participation and a spirit of volunteering to better exemplify our Benedictine values, especially those of community, stewardship, and hospitality.

At the 2015 Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon, the department with the highest number of average volunteering hours will be recognized and receive a framed plaque. The average hours will be determined by adding up the total number of hours volunteered by that department and then divided by the number of people in that department to make it equitable. Hours will be accumulated from the day after the 2014 Faculty-Staff Luncheon to one week before next year's Luncheon.