Forms for students, faculty and staff can be found on the intranet where you will be required to enter your network id and password.

Other parties can access the following:

Services rendered

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This form is used as documentation for payments to independent contractors. The College must have a Social Security number, permanent address and the payee's independent contractor status certification on file prior to a check being issued. The form provides this information, which is required for tax purposes. It must be attached to the check request as back-up documentation.

Request For Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification (W-9)

This form is used to acquire tax ID numbers from companies that do business with the College. No company can be paid without first filling out a W-9 form, as this is an IRS requirement for tax purposes. The W-9 should be attached to the check request form.

Journal Voucher

This form is used to transfer from one fund or account to another.  Debits are entered first and credits second.  Documentation of the transfer should be attached.