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 In previous years, there have not been enough motorcycles/scooters on campus to implement a separate policy for motorcycles and motorized scooters; however, the growing number of these vehicles prompted the college to designate special areas this academic year for motorcycle/scooters parking.

Commuter students, faculty and staff

Motorcycles/scooters are not required to display a CSS parking permit but MUST park in one of the two designated motorcycle/scooter parking areas. Any motorcycle/scooter parked outside of these areas are subjected to ticketing and towing under the colleges parking regulations.

Designated commuter motorcycle/scooter parking areas:

Parking Lot 3 – a marked section of parking along the curbed area next to the 3rd floor entrance to Somers Hall to include the cross-hatched area and up to three additional parking spaces.

Parking Lot 13 – a marked section of parking to include the cross-hatched area on the east side of the parking lot and up to two additional parking spaces.

The designated commuter motorcycle/scooter parking areas will be seasonal and will be effective during the following times:
Fall semester – September 4, 2018 to November 9, 2018 
Spring semester – March 18, 2019 to May 10, 2019 
The fall end and spring start dates may change due to weather conditions.

On-campus residential students

Students living on campus will be allowed to only parking their motorcycles/scooters in one of the designated overnight parking lots in a general parking space. We encourage riders to share parking spaces. Motorcycles/scooters are not required to display a CSS parking permit. Students are only allowed to have one vehicle on campus, so if you have a motorcycle/scooter on campus, you can not have another vehicle on campus.

At no time shall motorcycles/scooters be operated or parked on sidewalks, concrete areas, grass, or other landscape. Motorcycles/scooters are to ONLY be driven on asphalt roadways and parking lots.