The College provides free DTA bus service for all faculty, staff and students with a valid CSS ID card. All you need to do is get on the bus and show your CSS ID. This is the ultimate cost savings program for everyone and goes a long way to saving our environment from green house gasses produced by all those cars.

Parents, your student no longer needs a car to take to school. Keep it home and save money!

Duluth Transit Authority Web site 
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Popular Routes

Kenwood Route 12 Bus

East 8th Route 11 Bus 

Ways to get to St. Scholastica on the Bus

1. Take any incoming bus route to the downtown Duluth Transit Center. From the Transit Centertake the  Route 12 bus to St. Scholastica. Ride time from the transit center to campus is 13 minutes.

The Kenwood route 12 stops at campus approximately every 30 minutes allowing for flexible schedules to arrive or leave campus.

With a little planning and review of bus routes you can be the master of timing just by changing buses at mid routes. Below are some sample rides and total trip times.

  1. Coming from Lakeside - 38 minutes  (see sample route below)
  2. From campus to St. Mary’s Hospital - 10 minutes (see sample route below)
  3. Campus to Miller Hill Mall - 31 minutes (see sample route below)
  4. From Morgan Park  - 42 minutes (see sample route below)

DTA Park and Ride Locations 

When you don’t live close to the bus route you can still drive a shorter distance to a DTA Park and Ride lot and take the bus from there.

  1. From the Calvary Road Park and Ride - 39 minutes (see route below)
  2. From the Piedmont Park and Ride -  38 minutes  (see route below)

Sample Incoming Routes

  1. From Lakeside to campus. 
    There are several stops in Lake Side that one can catch the bus. We’ll use the longest route using Superior St and 60th Ave E. You can hop on the Route 7 bus at 7:23 am and ride it to Superior and 24th Ave East arriving at 7:35 am. Wait 8 minutes and jump on the Route 6 bus at 7:43 am and arrive at UMD at 7:50 am. At UMD get directly on the Route 12 bus at 7:53 am and arrive at CSS at 8:01. 38 minutes total trip time. 

  2. From Morgan Park and Ride to campus
    From 88th Ave West and Idaho St. get on the Route 2 bus at 7:17 am and ride to transit center arriving at 7:42 am. From the DTA Transit Center take the Route 12 bus leaving at 7:45 am and arriving at campus at 7:59 am. Total trip time is 42 minutes.

  3. From Calvary Road Park and Ride to campus
    Get on the Route 13 bus at the Calvary Road Park and Ride at 7:10 am and ride to UMD arriving at 7:26 am. Wait 15 minutes and take the Route 12 bus at 7:41 am arriving at CSS at 7:49 am. Total trip time is 39 minutes.

  4. Trip From Piedmont Park and Ride to campus
    Get on the Route 9MT bus at 7:21 am and ride to the transit center arriving at 7:40 am. Switch to the Route 12 bus that leaves at 7:45 am and arrives at CSS at 7:59 am for a total trip time of 38 minutes.

Sample Outgoing Routes

  1. From campus to St. Mary's Hospital
    Get on the Route 12 bus at 9:45 am and arrive at the corner of 4th Street and 6th avenue east next to St. Mary's at 9:55 am for a total trip time of 10 minutes.

  2. From campus to Miller Hill Mall
    Take the Route 12 bus at 2:33 pm and ride down to 6th ave east and 4th street stop arriving at 2:43 pm. Wait for the Route 10H bus and get on at 2:52 pm and ride to the Mall arriving at 3:04 pm for a total trip time of 31 minutes.