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  • Veritas will have an essential role, together with the majors, in fulfilling the College's distinctive academic mission of liberal education in the Catholic Intellectual Tradition by emphasizing the search for truth across a breadth of disciplines.
  • The Catholic Intellectual Tradition is one of the deep wellsprings of the liberal conception of learning. The essential focus of the tradition has been and remains the pursuit of truth-veritas. 
  • The Catholic Intellectual Tradition is distinctive in its understanding that the pursuit of truth involves both faith and reason. The tradition affirms that the relationship between faith and reason is not contradictory but complementary, and it has always sought their reconciliation and harmony.

The Veritas curriculum consists of three levels of courses

  • Foundations courses, primarily at the 1000-level, introduce key values and skills of the a St. Scholastica education. Foundations courses include: Dignitas, first-year composition, interpersonal communication, world language, and mathematics.
  • Conceptions courses introduce disciplinary Pathways of study at the 1000- and 2000-levels while focusing on at least one Personal & Social Responsibility value and at least four Intellectual & Foundational Skills.
  • Integrations courses continue to introduce new disciplinary Pathways of study--they are not follow-up courses for content experts-but at the 3000-level. Each of these courses, like Conceptions courses, advances students' thinking on at least one value and at least four of the skills. Integrations courses are upper-division with respect to students' competence in the values and skills, not with respect to the specialized content knowledge of the discipline. 
    • Among all of the Undergraduate College Learning Outcomes, Veritas emphasizes the Heritage, Personal & Social Responsibility, and Intellectual & Foundational Skills outcome areas, while accomplishing Scope of Learning via the program's breadth.

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